Unsung Hero – Dottie (Dorothy) Dawson

Dottie Dawson is on the left in the blue shirt, manning the NEDA Boutique at Fall Festival. Darian Quinn is pictured with her.

An “unsung hero” is defined as someone whose contributions are unacknowledged or little-known. In this series, we will feature and recognize some of these heroes from throughout the dressage community. To nominate your own Unsung Hero, visit the USDF website.

Unsung Hero: Dottie (Dorothy) Dawson

Nominated by: Iris Berdrow, New England Dressage Association (NEDA) President

Describe in detail what contributions to the sport or the dressage community makes this person an Unsung Hero:

I would like to nominate Dottie Dawson for her dedication and tireless work on the NEDA Boutique.  The boutique is a travelling store of NEDA logo’d clothing, hats, and other items.  Dottie has been volunteering to co-manage the boutique since it first started eight years ago.  Since then, she has voluntarily (being compensated only for travel and hotel expenses) stored, delivered, set up, staffed, packed up, and brought home all the boutique items.  She has done this at our NEDA shows, symposia, and Equine Affair.  She has kept inventory, helped with purchasing, learned how to use the new payment system, and mailed items purchased from our online store.  She is our front-line ambassador, always treating customers and browsers with respect, and chatting up anyone who comes by.  Dottie will be the first to point out what sells well, and what we should stop or start offering.  She never complains about the hours, the weather, or the space our boutique takes up in her trailer and house.  In addition, Dottie serves on the NEDA Finance Committee as our off-Board member.  She is instrumental in discussions about how to increase our online boutique business and improve our brand image through our product line.  Dottie is a dedicated member of the NEDA family.  Dottie and I board at the same barn, and she is always willing to chat about NEDA activities, and encourages everyone she can to become a NEDA member.  When not being NEDA’s ambassador, Dottie rides her horse Chance.

What motivates her to make these contributions?

Dottie loves being part of NEDA and the horse community.  She cares about the sport, and supports our organization.  Dottie has a huge heart and we are lucky to have her as ambassador.

How long have you known her and how did you become aware of her efforts?

I have known Dottie since she first started to volunteer for the NEDA Boutique eight years ago, and then as a boarder at our barn.  I remember the first time I saw her at a show, standing under the NEDA tent with a smile on her face chatting with a customer.  I was not on the Board at that time, and she talked to me about the NEDA organization.  An ambassador from day one!

How long has she been involved in your group or the dressage community?

I do not know how long she has been a NEDA member but at least eight years, probably longer.

How would your group/events be impacted should she be unable to play her role?

Every event that we host includes the NEDA Boutique.  The boutique would suffer without her diligence and care.

Please provide any additional information you would like for us to know.

She loves her Arab, Chance.

Provide a brief biographical description.

Dottie (Dorothy) Dawson lives in Sterling, MA.  She boards her horse Chance in Berlin, MA, at Highland Hill Farm.  She recently retired from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts.

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