Updates and Reminders about the USDF All-Breeds Awards

LIVING THE DREAM, owner/rider Heather Mehal (NC)—2020 Second Level Open and Musical Freestyle; First Level Open Champion for the The Jockey Club. (High Time Photography)

Did you know that you could be eligible for special awards based on your horse’s breed?  The Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards are designed to recognize the accomplishments of specific breeds in dressage. These awards are presented to horses declared for a USDF All-Breeds Participating Registry/Organization (PO).  Here are a few important updates, reminders, and things you might not know about the Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards program.

  1. For 2021, there are 63 POs participating in the program. A full list of 2021 All-Breeds Awards Participating Organizations is available on the USDF website.
  2. New organizations for 2021 include the US Lusitano Association and the United States Icelandic Horse Congress.
  3. The deadline to declare a horse for the 2021 awards is August 1, 2021.
  4. Once a horse is declared for the USDF All-Breeds Awards Program, the declaration stays in place for future competition years.
  5. To declare a horse, submit a completed USDF All-Breeds Awards Declaration Form to USDF along with a copy of your horse’s breed registry papers.
  6. Once declared, if you are unsure if your horse is currently declared, you can verify your horse’s All-Breeds Awards declaration on the horse’s summary page of USDFScores.com.
  7. See the USDF Member Guide for specific award requirements, or visit the USDF website for more information.

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