Turning a Hobby Into a Career

Submitted by Cassidy S. - I paint custom wine glasses at Cassidy's Painted Perfeqtions.

Have you ever taken one of your hobbies and turned it into a career or side hustle in the equestrian world?  We recently asked our readers and social media followers this question.  Check out a gallery of photos and videos they shared of the creative ways they have turned their hobbies into careers!

Submitted by Bethani C. – I am an equine photographer. My business is Pictorial Tales Photography and pictured here is my client Kevin Hadfield.

Submitted by Bettina T. – I started importing dressage apparel and tack 14 years ago and sell it online and at dressage shows. Two years ago, I began making custom dressage wool felt saddle pads. It’s called DQ’s Corner.

Submitted by Genevieve M. – I am lucky enough to be able to combine my love of writing with my love of horses. Best job ever.

Submitted by Hannah S. – My side hustle is as a professional braider/clipper here in Region 6/Oregon – Braids & Body Clips PNW! I work full time in healthcare administration, but I fund my training and showing costs through BBPNW! I usually attend the majority of recognized dressage shows in our region offering braiding and grooming services, and then body clip year round! I have had the opportunity to attend and groom at shows all over the US (literally from California to Florida), and experience dressage in a way I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined having the opportunity to do!

Submitted by Laura R. – I hand stamp halter plates.

Submitted by Raquel F. – I started CavaloDesigns as a 15 year old student in 2017. It’s grown to be a successful Etsy shop where I sell handmade Swarovski browbands and mini browband keychains!

Submitted by Robin B. – I love unique browbands, so I started making them for myself, my friends, and Olympians.

Submitted by Amanda B. – I love riding the freestyle, but was discouraged at how expensive it was to purchase a made freestyle… so I started doing it myself! I created Hüf Beats and 3 years in I have designed quite a few, and even had my first I-1 competitor at WEC this year!!! My approach I took for my business was to make sure to be collaborative, and offer services a la cart and I hope to see more freestyle riders out there, especially at the lower levels!! Everyone should get their freestyle bars if they are up for the fun!!!


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