5 Tips for Keeping Your Light-Colored Horse Show Ring Ready

Photo by Karisa Kroslack entry in the 16-21 division of the 2013 USDF Arts Contest

Grays, paints, whites, buckskins, palominos – they catch your eye in the ring with their flashy coats.  But everyone who owns or cares for one of these horses knows that keeping their coats so beautiful is a tall task.  Here are 5 tips to help keep your light-colored horse ready to hit the show ring this summer!

Keep Your Stall Tidy

In the lead up to the show, make sure you clean your horse’s stall frequently – it’s a lot harder for your horse to get dirty if there is nothing for him to roll in.  It’s also much easier to spot wash a couple small places on him than to greet him on show morning, and he looks like he just rolled out of a bog.  Have extra shavings on hand to pad his stall as well.

Know Your Shampoos

When bathing, use a purple shampoo to make his light areas really gleam. If you need some extra whitening power, try OxyClean laundry detergent -this is especially helpful for dirty or yellowed tails!  Be careful to read the instructions and wear gloves if needed – you don’t want to show up to the show with purple hands from your shampoo! 

Dress Up

Once you  have bathred your horse and his coat looks immaculate, consider dressing him in a sheet and/or lycra sleazy overnight. You can also keep his tail looking great by using a  tail wrap or by keeping it in a tail bag.

Get Rid of Those Stains

Light horses tend to attract stains.  From manure to grass, these can stand out even after a good bath.  You can use spray on green spot removers or waterless shampoo to remove those tough stains from your horse’s coat.

Last Minute Tips

For any last-minute touch ups, try a product like Shapley’s Show Touch Up spray, which is available in all coat colors.

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