Monday, August 15, 2022

Tag: Grooming

How do your keep your light-colored horse clean?

If you own or ride a light colored horse, you know the struggle of trying to keep mud or grass stains off their beautiful...

5 Tips for Keeping Your Light-Colored Horse Show Ring Ready

Grays, paints, whites, buckskins, palominos - they catch your eye in the ring with their flashy coats.  But everyone who owns or cares for...

D4K Interview with Emma Ford

By Alexa Clegg Working tirelessly to keep horses looking and feeling their best, grooms are an important part of an equine team.  Emma Ford, a...

Grooms to the Stars

Not for the slacker, a job grooming top dressage horses is demanding but rewarding. Here, some behind-the-scenes heroes share their secrets to success. By Colleen...

5 Tips For a Shinier Coat

You’ve worked hard on memorizing your test and your horse has been progressing nicely.  If you want your horse to look as good as...

5 Must Haves for Your Show Grooming Kit

Show day can be stressful, and whether you’ve just shipped in for a single day show, or you’re camped out for a full weekend...

What’s in Your Tack Box?

Life hacks: dressage edition By Natalie DeFee Mendik Reprinted from the October 2018 USDF Connection magazine Are zip ties the one thing you couldn’t possibly set up...
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