Lovely Lipizzans – Part Three

Submitted by Esther Buonanno - Maestoso Alfaya II and Raul Roa Vadillo of the Tempel Lipizzans; Photo by John Borys Photography

The stunning Lipizzan! We are celebrating them as our September Breed of the Month on YourDressage!

Dressage riders who choose Lipizzans as their mounts are eligible for special awards through the Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards program, as the United States Lipizzan Federation is a participating organization.

We recently asked our social media followers to share their favorite Lipizzans with us, and we’ve compiled some of the photos here! Check us out weekly through September for more galleries of this gorgeous breed, and if you missed them, take a look at Part One and Part Two for more stunning photos.

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