Unsung Hero – Amanda Panno


An “unsung hero” is defined as someone whose contributions are unacknowledged or little-known. In this series, we will feature and recognize some of these heroes from throughout the dressage community. To nominate your own Unsung Hero, visit the USDF website.

Unsung Hero: Amanda Panno

Nominated by: Audrey Panno

Describe in detail what contributions to the sport or the dressage community makes this person an Unsung Hero.

My mom has supported me in my love for horses since I was little. She has put off personal things to bring me to shows and been by my side helping me for all of it. She has given so much knowledge and so many experiences that I can’t thank her enough for. She is the most willing person I know that will help any horse or human around. She goes to great lengths to make sure I’m ready for a show and get in practice. I can’t even describe everything she does and has done for me and many other people. The hauling, setting up, driving me and my friend to the barn, making sure I can ride, supporting me, and more that I could never repay her for. She makes time that she sometimes doesn’t have to support me and allows for my horsey dreams to come true. This month, she is driving me and my pony to the Dressage Festival of Champions – she has put in so much effort and time into making this happen and though I will never be able to thank her enough, maybe this nomination can show some of my appreciation for her. None of the things I have done and do would be possible with my amazing mom.

What motivates her to make these contributions?

She is my mom, a very caring person, a veterinarian, and a horse person since she was little.

How long have you known her and how did you become aware of their efforts?

I have known her for 12 years (since I was born). I became aware of her efforts since I can remember, even before I started riding she was always helping people around the barn.

How long has she been involved in your group or the dressage community?

Around 10 years.

How would your group/events be impacted should she be unable to play their role?

I would not be able to go to shows and have the support and motivation she gives me. The people around our barn would not have someone to go to when their horse or dog has a problem.

Please provide any additional information you would like for us to know about her.

She does so, so much for the dressage community and deserves the Unsung Hero award so much.

Provide a brief biographical description.

She started riding and being around horses at a young age and has been in love with them ever since. She has been a veterinarian  for around 15 years. She rides dressage on her 6-year-old buckskin German riding pony.

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