The Village of Volunteers

All the volunteers that make Finals happen. Photo by Susan J Stickle Photography

Volunteers are the lifeblood of every horse show.  For a competition the size of the US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan®, it truly takes a village of volunteers to keep everything running like a well-oiled machine.  The group of 2022 Finals volunteers rose to the occasion, handling the large show, as well as some cold and windy weather, with smiles, hard work, and the spirit that makes volunteers so valuable.

We want to say THANK YOU to all who volunteered at the show, and share some sights of them in action.

Photos by Katie Lewis, Amber Wiseman, Sarah Hollander, and Kevin Reinig.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made the 2022 US Dressage Finals such an amazing show!

5 Year Volunteers

Laura Corsentino

Birgit Weeks

Winner of the 2 tickets to World Cup from the Dressage Foundation/Omaha Dressage Society

Grace Niemeyer

Volunteer Coordinator

Kathy Grisolia


Robyn Armer

John Bandrofchak

Monica Barranco

Kelby Barranco

Rhonda Boles

Teresa Boss

Christine Brandel

Clare Browning

Carolynn Bunch

Pam Campbell

Ryanne Casteel

Steve Chen

Meghan Dayka

Nancy Doody

Jill Ekis

Charma Fargo

Britt Harmon

Marissa Hehnen

Carola Hendriks

Joanne Hodges

Tiffany Janowicz

Marie Keel

Katy Kwiatkowski

Corinna Lewis

Regina Lin

Andrea Maddock

Angela McCleary-Wheeler

Renee Montes

William Montes

Isabelle Montes

Carol Mundschenk

Lin Nelson-Mayson

Kate O’Connor

Anna Pappas

Abby Peters

Bob Pettit

Melissa Purvis

Jarred Sallus

Kadriya Sallus

Debby Savage

Marian Severn

Susan Skripac

Michelle Smith

Barb Soukup

Abigail Stevens

Beatrice Travis

Emma Trisler

Jenifer Trumble

Diane Welling

Laurel Williams

Cameron Wyman

Warm Up Stewards

John Bottom

Vicky Esquivel

Dawn Hallock

Chris Hayner

Joyce  Lebo

Lynda McNeely

Ring Stewards

Karen Cedarholm

Fran Cross

Susan Moran

Anne Sushko

Janice Welch


Bailey McCallum

Karen Pautz

Heather Peterson

Carrie Eby

Cassandra Ruhlen

Abby Pritchard

Sara Roberson

Leah Melichar

Heidi Williams

Megan Shavalier

Jodi Heaston

Phyllis Walsh

Lauren Panian

Kirsten Murelli

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