Unsung Hero: Linda Kennelly


An “unsung hero” is defined as someone whose contributions are unacknowledged or little-known. In this series, we will feature and recognize some of these heroes from throughout the dressage community. To nominate your own Unsung Hero, visit the USDF website.

Unsung Hero: Linda Kennelly

Nominated By: Joy Black

Describe what makes this volunteer extraordinary.

Linda has been a dedicated volunteer for at least 24 years that I have known her through Eastern New York Dressage & Combined Training Association (ENYDCTA). She has a very joyful attitude, and is willing to help others in such a friendly way that you cannot forget her.

What types of projects does this nominee volunteer for?

Linda has organized ENYDCTA’s year-end awards banquet for years. She also volunteers for all of our shows, and anything related to hospitality.

Why do you feel your nominee has made a unique contribution to your GMO?

Her positive and friendly personality, and dedication to ENYDCTA makes her an icon for the club. People with her dedication are rare to find in today’s world.

How has the nominee involved other GMO members in activities (such as meetings or educational activities)?

I am not sure how to answer this question. I am unaware if she has reached out to pull other members in, but she reaches out to me as president of ENYDCTA, and we go over her work in arranging the ENYDCTA’s year-end awards banquet – which she does almost single-handedly.

How has the nominee improved the GMO through his/her own interest and leadership?

Her quality work and experience as an organizer, especially related to hospitality, has been a major benefit to our club, at horse shows, and the year-end awards banquet – and anything else hospitality-related. She is a retired RN, but a fabulous organizer for our banquet and volunteer at our shows. She is a major asset.

Does the nominee make suggestions for new programs the GMO might present, and is he/she willing to obtain information necessary to produce the program?

Our GMO has been super active with developing our first schooling show series and educational programs. At this time, we are so full that I don’t think anyone could bring more to the table. Linda has made suggestions related to what she already works on, and she is very willing to gather more information to improve our banquets. She basically organizes it on her own.

Our GMO is working hard to reach out to our members and focus on them and not board members for member of the year recognition. There are so many wonderful dedicated volunteers to choose from (that are not on the board of a GMO) that I would like to nominate. I hope you consider Linda Kennelly. She has been involved in our GMO for years in such an active way, that I think she is deserving of this special recognition.

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