NEW USDF Historical Awards Report for Breeders

The well-known sport-horse facility Hilltop Farm, based in Colora, MD, donated this charming bronze statue of two foals, by an unknown artist, in 2006. The Hilltop Farm Trophy is awarded annually to the Adequan®/USDF Dressage Breeder of the Year.

By Ross Creech

As part of the ever-expanding functionality of, USDF recently launched a new category of Historical Awards Reports specifically for breeders. Here are all the things you need to know about this awesome new member benefit!

  • THEY’RE FREE: That’s right, USDF Business, Participating, and Group Members are granted free access to all Historical Awards Reports available through This includes those available for horses, riders, owners, and now breeders!
  • EASY ACCESS: To access Historical Awards Reports and all the other amazing features of, members simply need to log in using their USDF website credentials, select Historical Awards Reports, and enter their current USDF membership number. 
  • THREE CATEGORIES: The new Historical Awards Reports for Breeders include all three main categories of breeder-specific awards; the USDF Breeder of Distinction, Adequan®/USDF Dressage Breeder of the Year, and Adequan®/USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding (DSHB) Breeder of the Year Awards. Keep in mind that breeders looking to explore the awards history of horses they have bred should utilize the Historical Awards Reports for Horses, which functions just the same and includes the Adequan®/USDF Dressage, DSHB, and Materiale Horse of the Year Awards, as well as the USEF Four-, FEI Five-, and FEI Six-year-old, Musical Freestyle, and Musical Freestyle Challenge Awards. This report also includes all USDF Horse Performance Certificates earned and data on Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards, when available.
  • EASY-TO-READ FORMAT: When dealing with competition and award information, especially for those with a long history, a full report could be quite overwhelming and daunting to sort through. Not a problem here! USDF Historical Awards Reports provide complete results in a format designed for effortless absorbability by the end user.

The role of breeders in dressage is paramount to its success and future. We rely on breeders to continually produce quality sport horses that allow the dressage community to embrace the training and movements of traditional dressage, while furthering the quality of dressage in the US. US bred horses have become increasingly competitive in the dressage arena on an international stage and it is through the dedication, support, and hard work of our breeders that this has been made possible… and they keep getting better!

All historical awards reports can be accessed through To explore other member benefits, as well as all breeding and sport horse education, recognition, and championship programs available through USDF, visit the USDF website

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