USDF Region 3 Reigns Victorious in 2023 LeMieux/US Dressage Finals Regions Cup Competition


A staple of the US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan®, the annual Regions Cup competition features four horse/rider teams, from across the country in designated divisions, vying for top honors and bragging rights for their region.  Additionally, this year, competitors will earn some amazing prizes from new title sponsor, LeMieux.

LeMieux is globally recognized for its outstanding technical horse and rider wear, with a focus on style. LeMieux’s high-quality horse and rider gear is used by some of the biggest international names in equestrian sport, and USDF could not be happier to be working with them, not only to bring these amazing products to our members, but also for the opportunity to provide additional and well-deserved recognition to our Finals competitors.

The top three winning teams will receive prize packs from new title sponsor LeMieux. Photo by Chelsey Burris


2023 LeMieux/US Dressage Finals Regions Cup Champions: Region 3’s Hannah Catsulis, Amy Swerdlin, and Bonnie Canter – Photo by Chelsey Burris

Region 3


Team Participants

– Hannah Catsulis & Sandor ASH, 72.933%

– Bonnie Canter and Vitali, 71.065%

– Hannah Catsulis & Sandor ASH, 72.933%

– Amy Swerdlin and Fellowship CCW, 71.078%

Region 9


Team Participants

– Julia Handt and NTEC Dorian Gray, 69.600%

– Anartz Chanca and Dante Rubin M.R., 68.458%. 

– Mina Veselinovic and Gorm, 67.000%

– Marta Renilla and Zalando B, 69.755%


Region 1


Team Participants

– Jennifer Roth and Valor, 72.867%

– Erin Liedle and No Limit, 62.103%

– Megan DeMichele and Shamrok Hit, 66.019%

– Lauren Chumley and Leeloo Dallas, 70.833%

Fourth Place: Region 4 – 67.634%

Sixth Place: Region 2 – 66.440%

Fifth Place: Region 7 – 66.849%

Seventh Place: Region 8 – 66.178%

Eighth Place: Region 5 – 65.904%

Stay here on YourDressage to view our full coverage of the 2023 US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan®, as well as to view the 2023 LeMieux/US Dressage Finals Regions Cup team rosters and prizes. Or, for more information about the US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan® and the LeMieux/US Dressage Finals Regions Cup, visit the US Dressage Finals website.


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