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SPOTLIGHT ON: USDF Regional Adult Amateur Equitation Program presented by Big...

The importance of equitation in all equestrian sports, but especially in the dressage arena, cannot be overlooked and must be a priority. This program helps to promote these fundamentals.

My Safe Horse

Silinde is a loudly colored horse, ridden by her plus-sized adult amateur rider – the judges remember us. Most of the time, fortunately, it is for accurately executed tests, solid training, harmony, obedience/submission, and the wonderful teamwork that we enjoy as a well matched pair.

The MonarcH

Unbeknownst to me when we arrived, I was met with our new “broodmare” who turned out instead to be a one-and-a-half-year-old stud colt, who would one day be lovingly known to me as MonarcH.

“Pfreefall”ing in Love with Trakehners

All those years ago, I never imagined that I’d have two wonderful Trakehners that have introduced me to some wonderful people. Both the people and the horses have made me a Trakehner fan for life.

A Tale of Three Trakehners

This is a tale of three Trakehners. All mine, all related, and all fabulous!

Meet the Committee Vice-Chair – Debra Reinhardt, Competition Management

What is your committee’s mission? To provide a network of competition managers and secretaries to promote quality and compliant dressage competitions. How long have you...

The Dancing Grandpa

Gail graciously showed and rode Mitras for us, and I remember thinking - I would love to own that horse someday. I stayed in contact with Gail, and we developed a strong friendship over the years. And in 2015, that “someday” became a reality.

The Golden Ticket

She first appeared in 2015 - a beautiful buckskin Trakehner filly for sale online. I fell in love. Two years later, I was still looking for buckskin warmbloods online when I found a buckskin Trakehner mare. It turned out to be the same mare I had seen two years earlier. Could this be fate?

Meet the New Region 8 Director – Helen van der Voort

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and after college in Massachusetts, I moved to the Big City – New York. My career...

Top 21 of ’21 – Recapping the Best Stories of the...

By Chelsey Burris 2021 was a year unlike any other!  The COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact our lives, but many dressage shows were back and...
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