Tag: Overcoming Loss

The Branches, The Roots, and The Banner

By Natasha Rombeck: In January 2007, I became paralyzed on the right side of my body from the neck down. The cause, we found out later, was Multiple Sclerosis.

A Dream Come T-RUE

By Jill Graf I am a Nurse Practitioner (NP) hospitalist and have been working, at times, 24/7 through Covid. I had a wonderful horse, Titan,...

The Gift of Maximus

The pain of saying goodbye to a beloved horse By Allison Fonke Blough Photos courtesy of Allison Fonke Blough Anyone who has cared for a senior horse...

Thus Endeth the Warmblood Experiment…..

This article won the 2022 GMO Newsletter Award for a first person article for GMOs with fewer than 75 members. It originally appeared in...

Horses & Healing

When I was introduced to Spring Ducatti - aka Duckie -  he was for sale because he was a bit too much horse for the adult amateur that currently owned him, and he was very athletic and powerful.  I was searching for my next horse, and I was told I should go out to try him.  I was blown away by his beauty and his movement - and a bit intimidated by his strength and athleticism. 

My Own Stallion of the Cimarron

Sweet Seniors! In October on YourDressage, we are celebrating the special horses in our lives that are ages 20 and up through photo galleries...

Fantom, The Golden Boy

By Jess Idol   We are celebrating Splash of Color month on YourDressage!  Whether your horse is a Paint, Appaloosa, Knabstrupper, or Gypsy Horse, sports a...

Kitten’s Tale

When you win the love of a Thoroughbred there is nothing they won’t do for you, and generally, do it happily. Kitten has always shown me ‘lots of promise’ and I am hopeful for a future of many trips down centerline, cross country, and sorting cows!

Chosen By a Saddlebred

I bought an American Saddlebred for dressage. More specifically, I bought a newly started, roughly 16 hand, 3-year-old palomino colt to gently get back into dressage… as an adult amatuer rider, who never really had much experience working with “baby” horses. However, before I get into how that’s going, I need to back up a bit and ex
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