Friday, December 3, 2021

Tag: Rescue Horse

Sam’s Place

Sam was a bright copper chestnut gelding. Four years old and not broke. His pictures just spoke to me like no other horse’s pictures did. I discovered that he had been at an Amish broker’s barn as a three-year-old, brought to the New Holland, PA auction twice as a three-year-old, and sold to a meat buyer there. The American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation had been tracking him and bought him from the meat buyer, putting him into their herd of rescues. They evaluated him as “special” and felt he needed to go to an equally special home that understood his needs.

Eye of Horus

#2372 was my gelding’s number. I bought him sight unseen, off a 30-second video and two pictures. I broke every rule of horse buying that day.

From the YourDressage Archives – My Journey to the National Dressage...

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One Less in the Lot

By Madeline Kurz In the equestrian community, perhaps one of the most controversial topics that exists today is that of horse slaughter. Whether one is...
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