Monday, March 27, 2023

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CBD and the Equestrian

By Rebecca Lewis As an equestrian, you are likely no stranger to pain and stress from time spent in the saddle, working around the barn,...

Join the Challenge of the Americas Live or Livestream and Help...

All photos by Susan J Stickle Photography from the 2022 Challenge of the Americas You may not be able to personally paint Wellington pink on...

What’s Too Old?

Thoughts for my fellow silver saddle riders. By Sally O'Dwyer Can you feel me? I am a 63-year-old, and sometimes I worry that the time is...

Top 20 From 2022 – Trending Articles from YourDressage

From inspiring stories of underdog horse-and-rider duos finding success in the dressage arena, to informative horse and rider health features, articles highlighting unique and...

The $5 Raffle Pony

My first and only horse came to me through a series of incredibly lucky and unlikely events. For anyone who was ever a fan of the classic horse girl book/movie National Velvet, you might read this and notice the shocking similarities. At the age of twelve all I wanted to do was eat, sleep, and breathe horses.

The Right Horse Finds Us

Coming back from a serious injury is not easy. I truly believe that horses find us, we don’t find them. He is my prince.

A Tale of Tails

In two weeks I will celebrate 6 years sober. I am in awe of that. I hope I never stop looking at the gifts that every single new day brings with extreme gratitude.

The Lady and I Were Dancing

She could see past what Zorro and I were individually to what we could be together. Even though I thought she was crazy, I trusted her, and the journey began.

5 Tips for Keeping You and Your Horse Cool in the...

Recognize Heat Stress There are some persistent misconceptions about exertional heat stroke, which may cause people to miss critical early-warning signs. One common myth is...

Meet the L Graduate- Jennifer Kotylo

Jennifer Kotylo, of Chicago, IL, is a USDF L Graduate with Distinction who has also earned her USDF Silver Medal. How long have you been...
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10 Tips for Dressage Seat Equitation Riders

By Mike Osinski, USEF “S” and FEI Judge With the popularity of Dressage Seat Equitation, the numbers are rising in these classes across the country. Here are a few tips for riders to understand what the judges are looking for in an Equitation class.