Staff Profile: Charlotte Brabant


Department:  Membership

Job title:  Senior Membership Coordinator

What is your main task in the office?  

Customer service and development of event registration procedures for USDF events.  

Members may call you concerning:  

The majority of questions that I answer are regarding what types of memberships people and their horses need, along with questions about USDF events.

How long have you been with USDF?

13 years.

How did you get started?

In the Membership Department

What is the favorite part of your job?

I enjoy working with people who generally love horses, whether it be over the phone or in person at the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention or the US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan®.

What is your favorite part of USDF?

Working in our department, which is the best, and being at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Share a little about yourself: 

I have lived in Lexington for 18 years, longer than any other place in my life of 56 years. I have a nice husband, two very different in personalities OTTBs, and three cool cats.

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