Staff Profile: Eila Luft


Editor’s note: Eila retired from USDF in May 2020.

Department: Accounting

Job title: Account Receivables Coordinator         

What is your main task in the office?    

Compiling reports for cash receipts, invoices, auditing, and distributing mail

 Members may call you concerning: 

Payment questions, and taking payment information over the phone

How long have you been with USDF?    

Since mid-2002

How did you get started?

Started out as a temp employee and heard that USDF was moving to Kentucky.  After living in Lincoln, Nebraska all my life, I felt a need for change.       

What is the favorite part of your job?   

Coming in every day to see what new and exciting stuff will happen.

What is your favorite part of USDF?

How everyone works together combining our many different creative talents to organize for any upcoming events and being around the USDF family.  I also appreciate working at a location where there are many types of competitions we can experience and to clear our heads.

Share a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Nebraska.  I love to be outside, when the climate allows, digging in the yard, walking, or just sitting and reading a book.          

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