Word of the Week – Alignment


ALIGNMENT- Referring to the horse, the lining up of the horse’s body parts from tail to poll.  One of the four aspects of straightness (the other three are parallelism to line of travel, parallelism to line of reference, and directness of line of travel).

Referring to the rider:

  1. Vertical alignment refers to the side view of the rider in which the ear, shoulder, hip, and heel are in a vertical line.
  2. Lateral alignment refers to the front or rear view of the rider in which the weight appears to be evenly distributed on the left and right sides and the rider’s body does not collapse in the waistline/core in either direction.
  3. Rotational alignment refers to the orientation of the front of the rider’s body relative to the horse’s line of travel or line of reference.

See Quadrille Judging Terms in the Quadrille Rules and Guidelines for special application to judging the quadrille.

Full glossary: http://bit.ly/2019USDFGlossary

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