The Necessary Role Hyaluronan Has in Joint Health


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Hyaluronan (HA) plays the essential role in attaching to collagen and elastin to form strong and flexible cartilage, while also increasing supplies of joint-lubricating synovial fluid. HA is the main source of lubrication in synovial joints, and without adequate amounts of HA, joints will become brittle and weaken.

Because molecules of HA are considered relatively large, they play an important role in regulating what molecules make up synovial fluid by preventing other large molecules from entering the synovial cavity. HA helps bring nutrients to cells in the joint and carry toxins away from those same cells, and the concentration of HA in equine joints affected with radiographically apparent arthritis are generally lower than healthy equine joints.

Multiple studies have shown all methods of administration; orally, intra-articularly, and intravenously administered HA provide benefits. These benefits include anti-inflammatory effects, pain relief, and increased joint health. HA eventually breaks down and is absorbed in the body, so the effects are not permanent and continued treatment is necessary for continued beneficial effects.

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