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Building better bones in horses: Researchers to evaluate young foals’ response...

Could mile-long trots protect young foals from lower-leg fractures later in life? Morris Animal Foundation-funded researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) are...

Top 20 From 2020 – Trending Articles and Videos from YourDressage

From inspiring stories of underdog horse-and-rider duos finding success in the dressage arena, to informative horse health features, articles highlighting unique and interesting breeds,...

Quarantine Top 5 – In Case You Missed It!

This list contains the five most popular YourDressage articles from the 2020 Coronavirus quarantine (approximately March-August). What were some of your favorites? Let us...

The Necessary Role Hyaluronan Has in Joint Health

This article is sponsored by Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. Hyaluronan (HA) plays the essential role in attaching to collagen and elastin to form strong and...

Healthy Joints, For Life

https://youtu.be/8M_Q02ER_EA Active horses need healthy cartilage to maintain effective joint function. The experts at Adequan explain degenerative joint disease and what you can do to...

The Scoop on Supplements

An in-depth look into better understanding ingredients By: SmartPak Horse owners want to do everything they can to keep their horses feeling their very best. Whether your...

Hock Injections: A Sound Practice?

This procedure is common in dressage horses. For some, it’s routine “maintenance.” Should it be? By Sarah Evers Conrad Reprinted from the September 2018 USDF Connection...
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The First US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan®

Take a look through the first ever US Dressage Finals program!

USDF Recognizes Accomplishments for Riders of All Ages

USDF recognizes achievement for riders age 50 & over through the Adequan®/USDF Vintage Cup program, & riders age 60 & over through the Master's Challenge Award!