Quarantine Top 5 – In Case You Missed It!


This list contains the five most popular YourDressage articles from the 2020 Coronavirus quarantine (approximately March-August). What were some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

Pint-Sized Equine Partner, Bryan the Cob

In the most popular article from the quarantine, Valerie Goodman shared with us her adventures with Bryan the Cob. In her words, “If someone would have told me the first horse I would ride at an FEI level would be a barely backed, 6-year-old Welsh Cob, found from a random internet search, I’d have thought they were crazy…” Read the rest of this YourDressage-exclusive story here and tell us about some of your unexpected adventures in the comments.

Dressage Riders: Coronavirus Quarantine Means You Can’t Ride? 8 Things you CAN do.

Unsurprisingly, Sally O’Dwyer’s article of things for dressage riders to do when unable to ride during the Coronavirus quarantine was one of the top articles! In this YourDressage exclusive, Sally shared her tips on how dressage fanatics going stir crazy can make the most of their time and pursue their passion from home. After reading our list, leave some tips of your own in the comments!

Hock Injections: A Sound Practice?

In this article (reprinted from the September 2018 issue of USDF Connection), author Sarah Evers Conrad explored hock injections, a procedure common in dressage horses. For some it’s routine “maintenance.” Should it be?

On the Bit, Naturally

Riding your horse in a light and round outline should be easy, yet in real life it is often very tricky to get right. In this article, Visconte Simon Cocozza, Dressage Examiner for the Fédération Française d’Equitation (FFE), shared how you can get your horse on the bit, naturally, complete with helpful diagrams and illustrations.

My Dear Watson

Kate Kudelko didn’t listen to the doubters when she was told, “to sell Watson, that he was too much horse for me, that he was an ugly mover, and that I needed to get a ‘real’ dressage horse…” Instead, she put in hard work with Watson, who was rescued from a kill pen.  In this YourDressage exclusive, she shared the story of their exciting journey to FEI Levels together.

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