A Founding Club – Oregon Dressage Society


Reprinted from the Oregon Dressage Society website

ODS was established in 1971 and officially chartered on March 21, 1972. We are currently one of the largest Group Member Organization (GMO) in the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) with an average of around 800 members annually.

After a 6 year discussion, in the early 1980’s, chapters were originally formed to encourage member growth outside of the NW corner of Oregon. North Willamette Valley, Twin Rivers (Eugene), Portland Area Chapter, Cascade Chapter (Klamath Falls) and Mid Valley in the Salem area are charter. Today, there are 13 chapters within four regions of the state and in Washington. Chapters then and today offer educational opportunities and shows in addition to the offerings of the ODS Committees at the behest of the ODS Board.

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