Word of the Week – Track/Tracks



1 )The line(s) of hoof prints laid down as the foot or feet travel their individual path(s). There are two different versions of how to count tracks:

  • to address the line of travel of each leg in determining the number of paths of travel, as viewed by the observer as the horse approaches him (e.g. three tracks for shoulder-in, four tracks for travers).
  • to address front or hind legs as pair(s), such that lateral movements are considered to be “on two tracks,” in contrast to when a horse tracks straight.

2) Direction of travel, as in “track right” (when all corners are right turns, and the right hand is toward the center of the arena).
3)Path next to the rail in an arena.

Full glossary: http://bit.ly/2019USDFGlossary

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