Fun Transformations – Part 2

Thorsten and Allison Z shared this before and after, with approximately a year in between the photos being taken.

We recently asked our social media followers to share their best #TransformationTuesday photos with us.  From winter woolies to summer shine, playful foals to beautiful show horses, adding weight to an undernourished new equine partner, or gaining muscle and better self-carriage through dressage work, here are the transformation photos the dressage community shared with us. Check out our photos from Part 1 here, and stay tuned for Part 3 of this gallery in the coming weeks!

Amanda B. – Top is 2015 (4yo, first ride) and bottom is 2020! “This is the famous ditch horse,” she shares. Watch Amanda’s video to see if you recognize this horse!
Hannah M. – Aug 2018-Sept 2019. Unfortunately, no 2020 shot since I’m pregnant. 2012 OTTB. Jockey club name-Elegant Sky
Janae K. – From home bred goal to FEI horse
Janet B. – Arabian mare rescued from a last chance auction in 1990. $185. I just couldn’t leave her there and wasn’t sure she’d make it. She did and lived about 5 more years.
Jaqi A. – Our little journey so far…. from 2018-2019 show season
Kate O. – I call this upside down to round – about 1 year apart…
Kate O. – After

Keirsten R. – First kill pen rescue pony! Fortunato’s Cavallo’s Carol Ann aka Cricket! PJ’s ponies (rescue)
Keni K. – 600 lb rescue as a 3 year old to competing Grand Prix at 16!
Keni K. – After
Kevin W. – OTTB after three months of work. Love this girl!
Lisa O. – Very skinny to robust and healthy in a year!
Mandy E. – One of Chloe’s first ride under saddle as a 6yo
Mandy E. – Doing 3rd level as an 11yo
Mary Z. – 2009-2020 This boy is my heart, my soul, my everything. From angry pasture pet to the best dance partner I could ask for.
*Note: USDF strongly recommends all riders wear protective headgear when mounted.
Mia Z. – Taken 1 year apart!
Mia Z.
Raissa C. – December 2015
Raissa C. – July 2018
Sylwia S. – Arthur before, a rescue in 2017, owned and rescued by Amy Kozlowski
Sylvia S. – Arthur now, after proper nourishment, rehabilitation, and in dressage training
Thorsten and Allison Z – Before
Thorsten and Allison Z – After
Tyline W. – 2017-2020 show seasons
Valerie M. – The before was her first year under saddle as a 3 yr old and I was a newbie just switched from the hunter world. My leg position is still an issue all these years later
Victoria R. – Photos by Ernesto Photography.

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