Fun Transformations – Part 3

Treacy shared these great photos of her horse's transformation with us.

We recently asked our social media followers to share their best #TransformationTuesday photos with us.  From winter woolies to summer shine, playful foals to beautiful show horses, adding weight to an undernourished new equine partner, or gaining muscle and better self-carriage through dressage work, here are the transformation photos the dressage community shared with us. Check out our photos from Part 1 and Part 2 .

AK Ice Farm Before- Prins from Arctic Arrow
AK Ice Farm After – Prins from Arctic Arrow
Allison Before
Allison After
Alycia S. – Before
Alycia S. – After 12 years!
Bri V.
Carly C. – Before and after only 3 months! Meet Arlo, naughty halflinger pony and dressage prospect extraordinaire!
Carly C. – Arlo after 3 months.
Afton Stables – Ben before
Afton Stables – Ben after
DPG Paradox Farm – I acquired Dante last September. We were both really unfit. I vowed I would get in shape to be a better rider. I’ve lost over 30 pounds, and with my riding, he also lost his hay belly!
Erin M. – This is Paladin! I bought him as an unbroke 5yr. Old who was a surrender. He had no muscle tone and was an ugly duckling. The pic below was 3 years later after countless dressage lessons and shows. A beautiful swan!!! We competed through Second Level together
Erin M. – After
Faustina D. – The day I brought Sherman home
Faustina D. – Sherman after 6 months
Jordan M. – My Trakehner gelding, Kennebec. My trainer owned & then sold him while I was in high school. I found him again 10 years later… he was 18 years old, traumatized, and broken. 4 years later we became USDF Bronze Medalists! He passed away this summer at 28 years old.
Lauren W. Before
Lauren W. After
Leana T. – Sunniva was a “fluffy” solid lesson pony when I bought her 4 years ago- but she’s a dressage queen at heart!
Leana T. – After
Lisa C. – Sure Rexx-A-Lot, coming along nicely!
Miranda S. – Almost euthanized as an unhandle-able, blind-in-one-eye, three year old held in a 114+ horse cruelty case in 2011 to my best friend and barn favorite
MT_Dressage Before
MT_Dressage After

Niki – From our first ride together in December 2019 to July 2020. Not only has Cru become more muscular and soft but I have also become a much more confident and better rider. We will be showing at USDF dressage among friends in Tampa this coming weekend. Hoping to get my last Second Level score towards my USDF Bronze Medal
Niki After
Robyn Z. – Spud before
Robyn Z. – Spud after
Ruth – Four years in the making. The first photo is me and my Fjord named Marit the first fall that I had her. We were both 16 at the time. The second photo was taken this last summer when we were both 20, competing at Training level. I love sharing our journey because I feel like it really goes to show that age is but a number and that you’re never too old to achieve goals when you have the right support team
Ruth After – (John Borys Photo)
Sylvia S.- My horse Tango 3 years ago
Sylvia S.- Tango now
Treacy Before –
Treacy After
Veronica G. -Before – This is the amazing Glenord’s Christopher Robin. At 26 years young, he took a job as my para dressage horse. The first picture was taken 9/2/19, roughly a year after our partnership began.
Veronica G. -After – The second picture was taken 6/11/2020, the day we strutted down centerline getting our first scores qualifying us for the 2020 Para Dressage Emerging Athlete Championships. More of our story is at my website.

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