Fun Transformations – Part 1

Jesse W. - From lengthenings at First Level to extensions at Prix St. George for the both of us together!

We recently asked our social media followers to share their best #TransformationTuesday photos with us.  From winter woolies to summer shine, playful foals to beautiful show horses, adding weight to an undernourished new equine partner, or gaining muscle and better self-carriage through dressage work, here are the transformation photos the dressage community shared with us. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this gallery in the coming weeks!

Agnieszka J. – Pippen of GBF (Jadzia), when was sold to new owner as a yearling
Agnieszka J. – Jadzia today. Photo by John Borys Photography.
Aidan T.
Becky S. – Seeing Red on track when he was three
Becky S. – TIP Championships last September showing I-1
Cathy R. – The top is August 2019 and the bottom is August 2020. It’s crazy what a difference a year can make, and COVID has canceled all my shows so I’ve been focusing a lot on improving my riding and building his strength the last couple of months.
Christie H – Before – Coggins pic 2018
Christie H – After – 2020 Festival of Champions!
Daniela V. – Oct 2019 to Aug 2020. FEI goals achieved with a good program
Evgenia B. – USDFBC as a yearling Reserve champ to USDFBC as a 3yo Grand Champion and GOV high point
Hannah F. – From 11 year old trail horse
Hannah F. – To 18 year old FEI level horse
Hannah F. – #aqhadressage #dressagetranformation here he is at 18 competing Intermediate 1
Heather B. – February 2019 – Present … underweight, under muscled, afraid of leg, behind the vertical and inverted to muscled up dressage and show jumping machine!! 
Kara C. – Off the track as a hunter (2015) to second level dressage horse (2020)
Karen M. – 2012 to 2019. Note: USDF strongly recommends all riders wear protective headgear when mounted.
Katy M. – Odie Owen: September 2018-August 2020.  The day I tried him, a 6 year old OTTB with minimal training, to our last show a couple weeks ago where we earned our final qualifying score for First Level!

Can’t get enough of these fun transformations? Check out Part 2 of our gallery here!


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