Horses & Riders Showing their Halloween Spirit

Me and my Trakehner's Halloween costume for this year. Submitted by @carsonzzz

We recently asked our social media followers to share their best Halloween-themed photos with us.  From the spooky to the silly, here are the pictures they shared.

WR Great Scott was the Joker and then the family joined in. -Submitted by Sabrina L.
Rambo and I as an elephant with his peanut – Submitted by Macenna F.
Sandy Osborn and Elizabeth Kane take a short break from officiating at the Georgia International Horse Park. -Submitted by Elisheva T.
Marissa’s describes her horse as lanky & goofy, so this Napoleon Dynamite costume fit perfectly. Submitted by Marissa M.
Chrissy and Dracarys – Submitted by Chrissy W.
Rattlesnake Ranch presents astronaut Josie and her shuttle Sally. Submitted by Rattlesnake Ranch.
Cadence & Audrey shared this cute Halloween photo.
Kahlen & Willow as movie snacks cotton candy & popcorn. Submitted by Katie B.
My OTTB as a jockey and I’m the horse! -Submitted by Becky S.
Buzz buzz. Atlas dressed as a bee. Submitted by Sarah M.
Me and my Trakehner’s Halloween costume for this year – Submitted by @carsonzzz
Rambo and I as Little Bo Peep and her sheep – Submitted by Macenna F.
Santa Claus is Jumping to Town! – Submitted by Jeri M.
Kid on carousel horse – Submitted by Fraces L.

Have a great Halloween week! Looking to share some of your goodies with your horse? Check out our list of Halloween treats that are safe & ones to avoid with your equine friends here.

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