5 Reasons the USDF Connection Yearbook Is So Coveted


It’s that time of year again, when we look back at the year that was, with the annual yearbook issue of USDF Connection. Each year, the March/April issue serves as a retrospective of all the awards, championships, and happenings within USDF. And while 2020 was a year unlike any we’ve seen before, there are still many fond memories and accomplishments that deserve to be highlighted. Here are five things to look forward to in the upcoming 2020 yearbook edition of USDF Connection.

Comprehensive Results of All USDF Championships

Each year, the yearbook features a complete listing of all Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Dressage Championships, USDF Breeders Championships, and US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan® results. While 2020 US Dressage Finals were cancelled, there is still excellent coverage of our dressage compatriots achieving their goals in the dressage arena.

A Glimpse of the Action

Photos within the yearbook include USDF Rider Award (Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals and freestyle bars) and Master’s Challenge recipients, as well as Adequan®/USDF Year-End Awards (including All-Breeds). Any recipient of these awards is welcome to submit photos for potential inclusion. Guidelines for photo submissions for the yearbook can be found on the USDF website.

Education and Planning for the Future of Our Sport

The yearbook issue features detailed, first-hand coverage of the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention. Anyone who has attended a convention can attest that this is an event filled with in-depth discussions related to the organization and sport, decision-making on the future of both, educational opportunities, and the sharing of ideas amongst those who truly make up the foundation of dressage.

Recognizing Members’ Talents Outside of the Competition Arena

For many of our members, dressage and equestrian sport are just a small part of who they are. And just like the artistry required for success in the dressage arena, the annual yearbook issue of USDF Connection highlights the winners of the USDF Annual Arts Contest. This contest awards artists in varying age categories and mediums, with the grand prize winner being used as the cover of the annual USDF Member Guide. All of the top submissions can be seen in this annual yearbook issue.

Exactly What You’ve Come to Expect

Don’t be fooled! The yearbook issue of USDF Connection, while focused on the accomplishments of USDF members from the previous year, still contains the unmatched educational content that you have come to expect from the only national dressage-dedicated magazine in print! The feature articles, as with any content included in USDF Connection, are not only of the highest quality and interest to our members, but many have also garnered the respect of the American Horse Publications with awards and recognition.

The 2020 yearbook issue of USDF Connection will be mailed in the last week of February 2021. For anyone who is not a member, and therefore won’t receive the yearbook, this issue can be purchased through the USDF online store once released.

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