5 Reasons to Audit a USDF L Education Program Part 1

Axel Steiner and a group of L program participants in Ventura, CA.

Developed by the USDF Judges Committee, the USDF L Education Program teaches future judges to evaluate the correct training of dressage horses. However, this program has plenty to offer everyone! Part 1 (“A Judge’s Perspective”) is the education portion, which is open for auditing by all USDF members. Part 1 is divided into three sessions covering a variety of topics. Here are five reasons to take advantage of this amazing educational opportunity:

Gain Insight

Auditors of this program will gain detailed insight into how judges evaluate proper training of the horse. By understanding how judges evaluate proper training, attendees will be more equipped to implement proper training at home.

Understand Biomechanics

One of the main topics of Part 1 Session A is biomechanics. This program not only will educate attendees on the biomechanics as they relate to the equine, but also to the rider. A strong understanding of biomechanics is essential in establishing a strong foundation in dressage.

Learn to Evaluate Movements

As a training ground for future judges and featuring a select faculty of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) ’S’ Judges, the USDF L Education Program also teaches attendees precisely how a judge evaluates the essence of each individual movement (through Second Level). This type of insight is invaluable to everyone from spectators to future judges, and everyone in between.

Understand the Progression

Dressage is a progressive series of gymnastic exercises designed to build an equine athlete, and to truly progress in dressage, correct training is key. In this program, attendees will learn and gain an understanding of why each movement is required at the level and how the tests gauge the progression of proper training. Understanding this will help competitors understand their roadmap to success.

Earn USDF University Credit

Auditors of a Part 1 also earn USDF University credit (one credit per day) towards their recognition diplomas. Visit USDF University for more educational opportunities and to learn more about everything that is available.

The USDF L Education Program is just another of the many unparalleled educational opportunities USDF provides its members. We encourage anyone interested in gaining insight into a judge’s mind, or just into dressage training through the levels, to audit a Part 1 when they have a chance.

Keep checking the USDF Education Calendar for future Part 1 auditing opportunities. For more information about the USDF L Education Program, visit the USDF website or contact lprogram@usdf.org.


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