Breed of the Month – Arabians! Part 2

Submitted by Lea L. - This is my Half Arabian (DHH Cross) E Huckster. Together, and with amazing help from trainers along the way, we went from Intro through Third Levels and are set to compete at Fourth Level this summer! In 2020 we earned our last scores towards the Bronze medal and received the Half-Arabian All Breed Award Championship for Third Level (AA). We also received our GMO’s Reserve Championship for Third Level and a Top Ten in overall dressage with the ASHA. I love the Arabian bred horses for their versatility, heart, loyalty, try and personality. He has taught me a lot along the way, and I will forever be grateful!

Arabians are our YourDressage Breed of the Month for July!  One of the oldest horse breeds on earth, and the influence for many other breeds, these elegant horses are easily recognizable with their delicate faces and high tail carriage.  They excel in many sports, particularly endurance riding.

Dressage enthusiasts who ride Arabians have the opportunity to earn special awards through the Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards as Arabian Horse Association, North American Shagya-Arabian Society, and Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry are all Participating Organizations.

We recently asked our social media followers to share photos of their Arabians, and let us know what makes these horses so special. Below, you can see their photos and stories.  Check out Part 1 of this gallery here, and keep an eye out for the third part of this gallery at the end of July 2021!

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Stay tuned to YourDressage all month long as we celebrate this breed, with photo galleries and exclusive stories from Arabian enthusiasts across the country!

Submitted by A. Roze W. – Escapade SHF+. Owned and ridden by Angela Whi
Submitted by A. Roze W. – Escapade SHF+. Owned and ridden by AngelaSubmitted by A. Roze W. photo 2 – Mehdi Amir RZ. Bred by Angela White. Now owned by Jamie Bullock
Submitted by A. Roze W. photo 3 – Aroze To Nobility+. Ridden and owned by Angela White. Arabians make incredible dressage partners. They are incredibly smart, sensitive, and dressage suits them well. I’ve been lucky to have many great riding partners and have been lucky to have my own breeding program which is now producing future dressage stars!
Submitted by A. Roze W. photo 4 – Nile Roze+. Owned and ridden by Angela White
Submitted by Amanda C. – I also own a green broke PB gelding who went to his first schooling show a few weeks back to show some intro classes. Can’t wait to see how he develops in a few years. He’s a special guy.
Submitted by Amanda C. photo 2
Submitted by Angie N. – Half Arabian gelding who did great at the lower levels but had no desire to go any further. Still handsome, nevertheless.
Submitted by Angie N. photo 2 – National Show Horse mare (Half Arabian/Half Saddlebred) and my heart horse.
Submitted by Angie N. photo 3 – 2021 dressage bred half Arabian colt by International Hanoverian stallion, Bon Coeur (Benetton Dream/Sandro Hit) Bred by me. I love crossing Arabians and Warmbloods – they have so much to offer to the sport horse world!
Submitted by April N. – Uwannabeme WH. AHA 7 time National Champion from Second to PSG and In Hand, Great American/USDF Region 4 Champion at PSG and Reserve Champion at Intermediate 1, both at the Jr/YR Division.
Submitted by April N. photo 2 – Tagg Yorr It (RIP) AHA 5 time National Champion, 5 time Reserve National Champion at 1st-2nd and equitation. 4th place National Dressage Seat Equitation at the Festival of Champions. He is missed daily.
Submitted by Athena S. – Just had my first dressage test on my purebred gelding! He is my first horse after being out of the saddle for 20 years and his kindness, willingness and love for his people is genuine and true! I love this breed and I am blessed to have this partner as we figure out the dressage world! Arabians are my heart horses because of their kindness, versatility, and devotion to their people! Love them!
Submitted by Becca C. – My #homegrownhalfarabian Good Vybrations RLC +++/ (BA Vyagra Bey ++++// × Allie Bint Kedar ++//… Vy’s first Half-Arab baby!)…. He’s a 2013 model, Arab/Percheron gelding. Multiple regional championships/reserve championships/T5’s & a couple national T10’s ~~ All in dressage and SHIH. #myotherhearthorse Working on Training Level, and plan on moving up to First level soon.
Submitted by Caroline V. – My Half Arabian gelding LH Feels So Good+/. 21 year old Sport Horse who Loves to compete.
Submitted by Caroline V. photo 2 – My Half Arabian Gelding, A Wild Fling+. He is a former main ring English horse, now dressage horse.
Submitted by Corinda H. – At his first horse show Ezekhiel was Reserve National champion in the SHIH ATH stallions dressage type in 2020. This breed is so special to me, because they represent such diversity and athleticism. I’ve shown sport horse to reining. Once you learn the talents of your horse you can develop those characteristics and there is a breed sponsored programs or shows that you can strive for.
Submitted by Cynthia D. – Saintly Obsession (aka Obi) Half-Arabian/Oldenburg, 7 yr Gelding
Submitted by Debbie M. – Versatile Arabians! We do English and Western dressage. Half-Arabian mare: Witch and Famous++/
Submitted by Gabriella S. – Samani D, 2010 Arabian Friesian cross mare who has won regional and national titles in dressage, sport horse under saddle, and show hack. We are hoping to debut at third level soon to gain scores for my bronze and are very excited for her future in dressage!
Submitted by Jennifer B. – He’s 21 now, mostly retired … our rides are less fancy these days but every bit as beautiful. He’s been my best friend for 13 years now!! *Note: USDF strongly recommends all riders wear protective headgear when mounted.
Submitted by Jennifer S. – Vincent AF purebred Arabian. I would have never gone out of my way to choose this breed. I am so lucky that he kept coming back in my life.
Submitted by Karen S. – Jester our Polish gelding with both his owners at a local show.
Submitted by Katie A. – My purebred Arabian mare, Astara Afire, from a lesson this June. We are working on Second and Third Level movements. The thing about Arabians is that they have longevity, smarts, movement, and great personalities. An Arabian will always try to please and they truly do have a people pleasing personality. Although showing is something I do sporadically, my mare has taught me to be a sensitive, quiet, and to think outside the box rider, as we continue to move up the levels. She also knows when it’s time to take a selfie!
Submitted by Katie M. – My PB gelding, heart horse and dance partner of 16 years. He has a fantastic work ethic and an even bigger heart. We’ve done a little bit of everything together and I trust him so much that we just went for our First Level scores toward my bronze medal at 6 mos pregnant and we got some of our highest scores ever and took home the First Level High Score and Adult Amateur High Score for the weekend. He is hands down one of the best things that ever happened to me and I can’t wait to watch my daughters grow up enjoying him!
Submitted by Kindra M. – My Fancy. Had to let her go in December. My new girl is half Arabian.
Submitted by Krista P. – Bella showing in the Prix St. Georges! Love this little mare!
Submitted by Kristine B. – This is TCA Success Express, “Devo”, a purebred 2016 model. I purchased him from a kill pen in Texas in 2017, when he was a yearling. He came home after quarantine April of 2017. I handled him regularly as he grew up in my backyard, and started him under saddle in October of 2019. He started showing in intro the following year. He is currently showing through training 3 in open classes with very respectable mid-60s scores. We hope to move up to first level in the fall. Devo is my first Arabian, and he has been a lot of fun. He is very smart and willing, and tries so hard to be a good boy. There are some gems in the kill pens, and I love having this guy
Submitted by Lisa K. – Destined for Fame FFA is my half-Arabian currently showing 2nd level. He won an AHA sport horse national championship in 2019 and has won 12 regional championships in dressage, western dressage, sport horse under saddle, sport horse show hack, and english trail. I’ve had Arabs since I was a kid, but he is my first dressage horse so we’ve learned together!
Submitted my Lisa M. – Jubilee WGR #1ArabianSporthorse current unanimous Supreme National Champion. 12 National titles in 2 years at the level. 70+% @ 2nd lvl. Is now driving in the Pleasure Carriage division. The epitome of what Arabians were bred for = Versatility, Beauty, and Temperament to live in the tents with their people. This stallion loves to hang with his people and turn it on for the roses
Submitted by Lou S. – My girl Faithe and myself. I have recently started her under saddle. She is the most intelligent, saucy, affectionate, and willing young horse I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.
Submitted by Macie H. – This is my full Arabian gelding, A One (aka Calin). He is 2010 off the track arabian and he was born in MD and registered with the Arabian Jockey Club. He raced 11 times and won once. Now Calin and I are working towards earning my Bronze Medal. Read Macie and Calin’s story in From the Racetrack to the Sandbox!
Submitted by Maddy F. – DA carmelation
Submitted by Makena S. – My beautiful Arabian gelding Mmarch Mmadness (aka Krush) He wasn’t bred for Dressage, but after a health issue he had we were introduced to it, and he always enjoyed patterns so it kinda just worked out. He’s only done training level his entire dressage career, until this season when he’s now doing first level. It’s so incredible seeing how far this fancy pants has come
Submitted by Margie M. – Golden Essence++++//
Submitted by Megan F. – Rekholection++++// is my homebred and shown Half Arabian dream horse! She’s got quite the story as a successful show horse, and now as a medical anomaly this year. She’s won a National Championship in hand and Reserve National Championship in dressage, but this year as a 6 year old she was New Bolton Equine Hospital’s first ever horse with a 15 lb leiomyoma. She’s always been an overachiever! After surgery, she’s now back to riding and, God willing, will be showing at East Coast Championships and Sport Horse Nationals in SHIH, dressage, and SHUS!
Submitted by Megan M. – SR Ssavant – I1. Rest In Peace little man 
Submitted by Melanie C. – Windsong N Dance VT, 19 yo purebred gelding (Egyptian/Spanish) showing at Devonwood last month. 
Submitted by Morgan N. – Being slowly started as a 4yo in dressage next year and then taking on another natural talent in jumping after he gets some rhythm. Thundersztruk NM is by Tempezst out of My Dream C. Currently standing 16hh with a lot of growing to do as a 3yo. SO excited for this kid’s future!
Submitted by Nicole A. – FVF Seakhret Always. Regional Champion and multi regional top 5. She is my dream horse of Arabian and Friesian. Currently schooling Western Dressage and Training level. She is new to the dressage world, but absolutely loves it. Her first ever test, scored a 64.5%. She is only 6 years old. She has never been with a trainer, I’ve been the only one to start her career with my coach through lessons.
Submitted by Nicole M.
Submitted by Nicole M. photo 2 – Majestik ZF++, at SHN 2020. It was my first time and we Top Tenned AAOTR Training Level. We each received our Training Level Certificates from USDF last year.
Submitted by Nina L. – Har-em Tutta Bella. Multiple National Reserve Champion in Hand Dressage & Hunt Type. National Top 10 junior Horse. National Top 10 Green Working Hunter. Regional Champion SHUS Hunter Open. Score a 95.2 SHIH HUNT Type this year! Currently shown by a youth rider in Western Dressage, SHUS Hunter and Dressage Type and Dressage. This mare LOVES to show!
Submitted by Phoenix Z. -Paternal brothers NUHA Star Oberon and NUHA Sous Osorkon. I bred and raised these handsome young stallions
Submitted by Pia L. – This is my daughter’s 20 year old horse Sunny. We’ve owned him for a couple of years. He was a retired endurance racer but my daughter got into dressage and with the help of her wonderful trainers they started “dancing together”. He is so smart and has such heart. He gives his all for my daughter. This year they went to their first two rated dressage shows and they brought home all blue ribbons and even a high score of 76. Love this horse to pieces!
Submitted by Rebecca G. – 19 year old Bask grand daughter, Analeeza D+. My daughter’s picture after 2 days of excessive heat and rain at KHP Region 14 Championships. Dressage level 1 & 2
Submitted by Rebecca M. – RAE Lightmyfire+/, 2004 PB gelding who I purchased as a yearling. He started as a Hunter type/working Hunter sport horse but loss of sight in his right eye led us down our dressage journey. Together we worked our way from Training Level to earning my USDF Bronze in 2018. He is all heart and I can always count on him, whether in the show ring or on the trail, to take care of me. Photo: Susan J Stickle
Submitted by Rebecca N. – Echo Magnifire + (Foxfire BHF x Magnificoos Echo)
Submitted by Rebecca P. – The funniest horse ever. Most beautiful arb dark lover chestnut and the only horse I felt safer riding than handling. Quite a character
Submitted by Rene D. – NW Black Sunrise
Submitted by Ricki L. – My newly acquired registered half-Arab. The other half had draft and paint so he doesn’t fit into normal Arab cosmetics and is big at 16.2. His movement and suppleness with high sensitivity shows his breeding though. One of the best dressage horses I have ever ridden.
Submitted by Roc Arabians – Armannis Carmen Copy ++/ (Armanni X Rose of Carmen) This photo was taken two weeks ago at Region 13 sport horse regionals where he was Champion Intro & Champion Basic level western dressage along with a Top Five and 2 additional Top Fives in Sport horse under saddle and sport horse in hand. I am an amateur rider and bred him myself. He also holds five additional national titles in western dressage, sport horse in hand and traditional dressage. He is also a pony, but moves like a big horse! Standing just over 14 hands. Little is mighty
Submitted by Sabine W. – CA Hudson Bey by Sterling Bey. Purebred! Trained him in dressage and he got me all of the scores for my Bronze Medal plus half of my Silver. Super talented in all things lateral. He is now enjoying trail rides with his owner.
Submitted by Sam M. – Safe enough for a totally blind rider, this was my Arabian rescue horse, Pixel Perfect, who taught me passage!
Submitted by Samantha R.
Submitted by Samantha S. – Half-Arabian, Sir Rohan Riddermark “Ryder”. Couldn’t love this horse more, he is the best!
Submitted by Sandra C. – Butterscotch Kaandi is a Half Arabian that I bred and raised (3rd generation of my breeding)and is my first venture into showing Dressage and at USDF shows. I’ve enjoyed the experience, and have found USDF shows to be inclusive to all breeds.
Submitted by Sandy W. – Our Western Pleasure, turned Dressage horse Maximilian (Max)!He definitely surprised us with that talent, he is shown by a very talented young lady. Both of them have a blast with Dressage!
Submitted by Serah R. – Half Arab mare GV Phar Better Than Most, pictured at 21, now 23 and still as fun as ever. She’s done it ALL and been my best good sidekick through it all.
Submitted by Shanda C. – Half Arab princess kicking ass in our first rated year. 
Submitted by Shelbi G.
Submitted by Sheron P.
Submitted by Stephanie B. – Calabash, my purebred little guy brings me much joy and we are learning so much. Check out his story, exclusively on YourDressage!
Submitted by Susanne L. – Just In Kayce +//
Submitted by Suzi H. – RH Jericho – Seven national top tens, three regional championships, three regional reserves, two regional top 5s, and at the young age of 22, was Reserve National Champion Sport Horse In Hand – Dressage type. I lost him three weeks ago – this was supposed to be our bronze medal year. He was the best EVER.
Submitted by Tahira C.
Submitted by Tara R. – LL Carrye Oon+ from free yearling to national champion, to children’s dressage mount!
Submitted by Tawni K. – My 2 year old purebred Egyptian gelding and I at Region X Sporthorse Championships with a top 5. 
Submitted by Tena P. – Key Eloquence. Pretty good show record & A+ kid sitter.
Submitted by Tracie O.
Submitted by Tracie O. photo 2
Submitted by Tracy S. – Pictured: Altan, owned & ridden by Rylie Saloum, Fourth Level Junior Young Rider. Last year finished 8th at Region 4 Dressage Championship. Top Arab at Third Level for JRYR. Swoon!
Submitted by Trisha D. – Entre Toi et Moi means “Between you & me”…he’s the first homebred I’ve retained to train and compete, hopefully through FEI…right now we are schooling 3rd level. As a “convert” to Arabians I believe *everyone* should learn dressage on one…if you can be successful on such a sensitive, intelligent horse that feels and anticipates your every move and thought, you will be able to ride any breed successfully! Training and showing Arabians in dressage has definitely made me a quieter more in tune rider
Submitted by Vicki S. – Beau Bridges and I taking in the scene at a horse show a few years ago.
Submitted by Victoria C. – Graciella BV, my sweet homebred mare. She was supposed to be an endurance horse, but she wanted to be a dancer so we are learning dressage together. I’ve been an endurance rider for over 20 years so this was very far out of my comfort zone but with very little coaching or lessons we qualified for Sport Horse Nationals and we brought home two Top Tens. Gracie is off on “maternity leave” this year but we hope to back showing next year and moving up to first level tests! I just love how she tries so hard to please and just sparkles when she knows she got it right. She gave me a beautiful filly by a son of the above FCF Oberons Vanity and I just couldn’t be any happier, lovely movement, super sweet and smart and highly trainable!
Submitted by Wendy H. – Eros Velara

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