Breed of the Month – Arabians! Part 3

Jessie B. and Skies the Limitt+/

Arabians are our YourDressage Breed of the Month for July!  One of the oldest horse breeds on earth, and the influence for many other breeds, these elegant horses are easily recognizable with their delicate faces and high tail carriage.  They excel in many sports, particularly endurance riding.

Dressage enthusiasts who ride Arabians have the opportunity to earn special awards through the Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards as Arabian Horse Association, North American Shagya-Arabian Society, and Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry are all Participating Organizations.

This month we asked our social media followers to share photos of their Arabians, and let us know what makes these horses so special. Below, you can see their photos and stories.  Check out Parts 1 and 2 of this gallery to see more of the wonderful Arabians our readers love!

Stay tuned to YourDressage as we continue to celebrate various breeds each month with photo galleries and exclusive stories from dressage enthusiasts across the country! Throughout August we will be featuring Draft Horses! Do you want to share a photo of your dressage Draft? E-mail us at for your chance to be featured!

Submitted by Arleen N. – My Half Arabian, Velocity *Note: USDF strongly recommends all riders wear protective headgear when mounted.
Submitted by @secretgardenfarmct on Instagram – this is A Kartier, 10yo purebred gelding!
Submitted by @MindfulhorseUSA – My rescue Purebred Arabian Prince. I rescued this guy from starvation last year. He is 22 years old and it turned out he is a champion Dressage Horse. This is our first show together ❤️
Submitted by Elizabeth W. – This is my little Arabian mare Summer who I just started to do dressage with. She is my rescue horse and is very green still at 14 years old but we are working on dressage to help her with correct movement which I believe will help her to stay sound longer after many years of neglect prior to being rescued. We did our first test a few weeks ago and got a 64%
Submitted by Emma – This is my Arab welsh cross pony, Fox Ridge Inferno – or Fern, as we call her! ❤️
Submitted by Julie D. – Half Arabian Glimmeratii competing at I-1 with owner-rider Julie Davies Pagels
Submitted by Lily C. – This is Sonic! He is a 27 year old thoroughbred x arab and we do dressage. I adore arabs because they have such a nice personality, are as sturdy as a rock and are the father of all horse breeds!
Submitted by Makena S. – My beautiful Arabian Gelding Mmarch Mmadness (aka Krush) he’s been doing training level his entire dressage career, until this season where he’s doing first level. It’s such an honor and privilege getting to show this breed at this discipline because you don’t really see a lot of Arab’s showing dressage. He has so much to give and try’s to please me with every ride I have on him. The Arabian is truly such a special breed!
Submitted by Molly R – My first foray into the USDF show world as a kid was on my little grey Half Arabian, and since then the breed has stuck with me! This is my Half Arabian gelding Fortune, competing at Dressage at Devon in 2019. He has more heart and spirit than any horse I’ve ever known. Although he was bred for Park Pleasure, he and I have journeyed through all the levels together. He is currently competing I1 with scores in the mid sixties and is schooling Grand Prix. He simultaneously competes with a junior and earned her the third level scores towards her bronze, and they’re on track to show Prix St Georges this fall. He’s truly shown me that celebrating every horse for what they can do can truly pay off. I cannot say enough good things about this breed, they can be outstanding when given the chance! They are truly special horses – thank you for featuring them! (Photo from Purple Horse Designs)
Submitted by Nissa S. – My half-Arabian mare, Beaunafide Princess
Submitted by Sarah S. – My half Arabian SRC Parrot Bay.
Submitted by Viviana R. – My Arabian Star
Submitted by Sarah L. – My daughter Chelsea’s first horse was an Arabian mare. Diva was 11 and had been a broodmare. She was being sold as a riding horse because she was a Scids carrier. She had 90 days of training, and my daughter had been riding for about 2 years. My daughter ultimately trained Diva up to second level, and competed her extensively over the years, bringing home the blue ribbons and tri-colors show after show! After about 5 years, my daughter got another horse and started using Diva to give lessons to kids. She still competed with my daughter sometimes, and also took some of her students into the ring for their first show. She moved to Florida when my daughter took a working student position, and once again gave lessons to kids. Florida was not Divas favorite place, so she moved back to Wisconsin when my daughter returned to give college a try. Eventually Diva was sold to an awesome family with 2 girls who ride, and both parents are veterinarians! She’s 30, and retired now, with a mini to keep her company – and Dad takes her for nightly walks around the neighborhood! Here Diva is being led by Chelsea (now a USDF Gold Medalist) and is being ridden by Grace D (who is now riding Grand Prix jumpers!).
Submitted by Lindsay B. – How about the halfsies? Biggest challenge of my life, but the relationship we have developed is so rewarding. Love these horses – you get out of them exactly what you put in❤️
Submitted by Rebecca G. – I have a western dressage horse who competes very well against other breeds! He just pulled in a 62% in level 2 today in an open competition
Submitted by Lakin T. – Both my Arabians that do dressage! Berry (chestnut) came up to 2nd level and Markie (gray) schools 3rd – both 21!
Submitted by Tonya S. – Arabs are the best!!
Submitted by Chelsea L. – Arabians are amazing. Just won multiple regional reserves with mine ❤️
Submitted by Marianne C. – My rescue Arabian 💗
Submitted by Joyce A. – My lifeline, 8-year-old Stargali +++//, The 2020 Arabian Sport Horse Unanimous National Champion 3rd Level Dressage ATR, 4th Level Reserve National Champion Open, and named the 2020 Super Sport Horse for the Sport Horse Arabian National Championships. I am so proud of my boy and our journey and so very grateful for Katherine Rich-Elzig for her support, guidance, encouragement, and incredible training of this beautiful boy. It was quite a journey to attain these titles after a life-altering stroke that could have prevented me from ever riding again! I am so blessed to have this boy in my life as he, along with Katherine, were truly my inspiration to fight back and get into the court!
Submitted by Lorre M. – MSU Slavochka warming up for his upcoming dressage test
Submitted by Maureen Q. – H Jupiter H++++\\ Multi National Champion but here Reserve Champion 1st level! *Note: USDF strongly recommends all riders wear protective headgear when mounted.
Submitted By Sheron P. – Maxx WL ( Matoi x Xia Xanda) bred by Carl and Sue Warren . Owned, and Shown by Barbara Knoth. 2019 TT SH Nationals 2nd Level dressage. 1st Nationals for Maxx at age 20. Started late in life in dressage. He is also a champion driving and english pleasure horse.
Submitted by Ruthie H. -MI Ddreamweaver +/ My once in a lifetime purebred Arabian. I lost him unexpectedly in December 2019. He was a remarkable horse- a two time regional champion in first level dressage and sport horse. A two time reserve champion in sport horse and sport horse in hand. He was USEF horse of the year in his division for five years in a row and achieved his Arabian horse association legion of honor and supreme honor. But above all he defied the odds and survived colic surgery, and the recovery. He even showed successfully after it before I retired him in 2017. He was a remarkable horse in every single way and embodied what it is we seek in our equine partners.
There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t miss him.💗
Submitted by Susan S. – Our Arabian is excelling in dressage and really loves it! His mind is challenged and it is such a great foundation for my daughter and her riding future! Am so pleased to be doing it with an Arabian! Wouldn’t trade that for anything! And my daughter winning grand champion on our 25yr old PB Arabian for state 4h ky state fair 2021 in western and classical dressage both! Absolutely  💗  our Arabians and what they can do!
Submitted by Megan G.T. – JAG Khalahari – I have FEI aspirations with this sweet and willing gelding, but until I get more time he is schooling 3rd level, taking fun hill hacks and trail riding, learning to jump and going on occasional bareback rides💗
Submittesd by Shana B. – Nicole Rowley is tops and a fantastic representative of how Arabians excel in all disciplines. My half Arabs weren’t nearly as successful but they try their hearts out
Submitted by Tracie O.
Submitted by Sharon N. – FMF Arabi ++++// National champion SHIH gelding (at age 3), National champion SHIH gelding dressage type (at age 11)
Submitted by Kris H. – My now 19 yr old Arab/Holsteiner, Rhoyal Revaul competed successfully for many years in dressage. Two years ago we decided to compete in eventing. His first time out eventing he placed 4th out of 26 horses. This year he took first. Thanks to our dressage scores. We are having a blast together all these years!
Submitted by Rachol K. – My working student, Karisa, riding my 18 year old Arabian, “Ty” in a clinic with Anne Cizadlo last summer.
Submitted by Phyllis S – This is my Arabian SF For The Moment – or Moe!
Submitted by Jennifer C. – This is my 1/2 Arab x 1/2 Friesian 15 yr old gelding – we are going up in the levels and currently competing at Third Level this year!

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