Celebrating Draft Horses! Part 3

Submitted by Suzannah R. - I have a Friesian/Percheron and we are showing the PSG/ YR tests. He is schooling the I1 and has piaffe and passage for a 10!! we are qualified for the Region 3 NAYC YR team! He is owned by Rachel Owens. Photo by Sue Stickle.

Draft power!!  This month on YourDressage, we are celebrating the mighty Draft Horse and Draft Crosses of all kinds.  Dressage riders who choose Drafts as their mounts are eligible for many Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards as there are several Draft organizations on our Participating Organization list.

We recently asked our social media followers to share photos of their Drafts, and let us know what makes them so special. Below, you can see some of their photos and stories.  Check out Part 1 here or Part 2 here for more Dressage Drafts!  

Do you want to share a photo of your Draft or Draft Cross? E-mail us at yourdressage@gmail.com for your chance to be featured! Stay tuned to YourDressage all month long as we celebrate #DraftPower, with photo galleries and exclusive stories from Draft enthusiasts across the country!

Submitted by Maddie P. – Our Irish Draught, Eoghain. Farm owner Peter Doolan wanted a fox hunter, but since we’re a dressage farm he’s turned into a lower level lesson horse We love him so much! You can read more about Eoghain in One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Submitted by Deanne H. – Yeah for Drafts!!! This is Chestnut Oak’s Luka, Drum Horse (Shire/Gypsy), 7 years old; owned and ridden Training Level by me. We should have our USDF horse certificate next we. He has been with me since he was 6 1/2 months old.

Submitted by Laura E. – Me and my Draft cross, Brontesaurus – a Perch x TB – showing Third Level
Submitted by Charlotte P. – This is Lymond, my Perch x TB cross. He’s a blast to ride and a character in the barn.

Submitted by Jessica P. – I have two! A career change ranch horse Appy x Perch x TB and a livestock auction rescue Shire. You can read about Jessica and her livestock auction rescue, Bella Noche, in Belle of the Ball – A Cinderella Shire

Submitted by Jessa M. – Yay! FINALLY the drafts!!! Rush This Moment, aka “Rhi”, is a Percheron cross that started life as a carriage horse in Amish country. Currently showing 2nd level dressage (owned, trained, and ridden by myself). Has done low level eventing, and even fox hunts in the off season! Horse of a lifetime for sure!!

Submitted by Melanie S. – Half Clydesdale half Dutch Warmblood

Submitted by Sarah E. – This is the draft cross I lease. She was a PMU rescue. I broke 3 vertebrae in my lower back 6 years ago requiring major surgery. If I fall again it could be serious for my body but not riding would be serious for my soul. So in walks this Mare. Her calm manner and big brain are the reason I ride today. I owe her everything.

Leah M. – Love the drafts- this is my beloved, Dartagnan 💕 He was a rescue Percheron/paint I got as a kid and slowly over the years we showed through I1 and schooled GP. He has a heart of gold and to this day I’m still convinced that he’s more intelligent than I am 🤣
Submitted via Instagram – Guinness is a Shire Hanoverian X

Submitted by Erin ZW -This is my horse Aeris! She is an 11 year old Percheron cross. We are qualified for regionals in PSG, I1 and I1 freestyle and we are schooling Grand Prix!

Submitted by Jessica C.

Submitted by Denise F. – I got my Bronze on a Belgian cross after training him to do flying changes at age 17!
Submitted by Lisa P. – 11yo Belgian TB cross
Submitted by Suzanne C. – Kaylee, my Shire, at a show a couple of years ago – scored in the 70s

Submitted by Katharine S. – Lung Ta (means “wind horse”) is an Irish Draft gelding in Sanctuary with us – with an old fracture of his jaw (so only goes bitless) and scars on his eyes that limit his vision, he was saved from going to slaughter by a friend. He’s a genuine gentle giant and has helped with therapy clients, is now head of his herd on a track system and can “dance” when he’s feeling happy and the sunlight is just right. I’m a classically schooled Dressage rider from way back and I love the honesty, presence and attitudes of Drafts.

Submitted by Emily R.- Wingman is a Belgian x Arab gelding!

Submitted by Olivia N – here are some pictures of me and my Percheron, Belle. We are teaching her dressage. She just learned to leg yield

Submitted by Stacy C. This is Levi, a Belgian x Tb, he is 20!

Submitted by Nicole L. – My Friesian Warmblood x Clydesdale just starting a bit of education. I’m so excited for our dressage future.

Submitted by Sydney – Emmy Lou is a Clydesdale Welsh pony cross. She spent the first 8 years of her life as a cart pony. We’ve turned her into a Second Level dressage horse! She’s got the biggest try of any horse I’ve known

Submitted by Heidi H.
Submitted by Devyn T. – Here is my Draft Cross – a Percheron x TB!
Submitted by Leslie R. – This is Ella, a Percheron Paint

Submitted by Karen R.

Submitted by Jesica A. – The versatility of draft crosses is unmatched by almost any other breed – calm, powerful, and smart, with plenty of athleticism for dressage to eventing!

Submitted by Jesica A.

Submitted by Kelly H. – Illusion Farms Rustic Renegade (shire) 18h 5 year old. Owned by Rebecca Field, ridden and trained by Kelly Hand. Currently has been showing Intro in his first year out but starting training level in the next couple of shows. He has quite the following at the local shows. Everyone has fallen in love with his calm and kind demeanor. He’s only been under saddle for about a year now as we took it slow due to his size but it’s been worth the wait!

Submitted by Jennifer K. – In order of appearance: FHF Cruisewood (Cottonwood Flame), Grand Prix horse; Grand Prix horse FHF Portmanteau (Cottonwood Flame); Collingwood (Cottonwood Flame), Grand Prix horse; FEI horse Forest by Cottonwood Flame; Cottonwood Flame, purebred Percheron, successful Grand Prix dressage stallion, and sire to numerous FEI horses – including 5 Grand Prix horses

Submitted by Carlee H. – Lovely Rita, a 19hh Shire owned by Walt and Jana Holden, ridden by Danna Hill; Rosie – a Shire – owned and ridden by Carlee Holden, at Second Level; Leo is a Gypsy Vanner, owned by Mary Martin and ridden by Carlee Holden

Submitted by Carrie M. – Pretend to Fly, a 13year old Percheron Thoroughbred from a PMU breeding farm! Just completed our First Level scores for our Bronze Medal!

Submitted by Catherine B. – The grey is a Percheron x Andalusian, and the bay is a Percheron

Submitted by Natalie H. – My Shire x Gypsy x Clyde x Saddlebred, Georgian Grande
Submitted by Shania P. – For many years draft horses have taken my heart by storm. It all started when I was about ten and was given the opportunity to show registered Percherons, I then decided to go to college for equine and my focus was draft horse training. A few years later I ended up being an assistant manager at a dressage barn and Atticus landed at my feet. He was my dream horse a handsome, 17 hand Belgian TB cross who is sassy, elegant and charming. He’s helping me through the lower levels of dressage as I am new to it. The journey is a big one but I’m honored to be going through it with him.
Submitted by Karen S. – This is Nugget a TB x Belgian x QTR cross rescued from Last Chance Corral in Ohio who rescue milk mare babies. She’s a wonderful mare
Submitted by Christine M. – My 20 yr old shire quarter horse cross who is currently competing 4th level and working PSG

Submitted by Danna H. – Atreides (percheron x thoroughbred) owned and loved by The Hill Family ridden by Danna Hill

Submitted by Sarah F. – This is my 7 yr old Clyde/QH cross (DCBOA) mare, Worth the Wait. She is currently competing at Second Level and schooling Third. She has the most amazing work ethic combined with the sweetest personality. I have been a huge fan of draft crosses for quite some time and love seeing them get more recognition! Owner/rider/trainer Sarah Freeman
PC- Photography in Stride

Submitted by Naomi H. – Here are a few pictures of our 5 year old Clydesdale Windsor Road Beau. He is in training with Heather Willson Roller and has started competing this year.

Submitted by Rebecca V. – This is Monte Carlo, who is a rescue that we started doing dressage with, and is now showing! This is the day we got Monte Carlo. Scared of people and out of shape. Look how far he’s come!


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