Celebrating Draft Horses! Part 3

Submitted by Suzannah R. - I have a Friesian/Percheron and we are showing the PSG/ YR tests. He is schooling the I1 and has piaffe and passage for a 10!! we are qualified for the Region 3 NAYC YR team! He is owned by Rachel Owens. Photo by Sue Stickle.

Draft power!!  This month on YourDressage, we are celebrating the mighty Draft Horse and Draft Crosses of all kinds.  Dressage riders who choose Drafts as their mounts are eligible for many Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards as there are several Draft organizations on our Participating Organization list.

We recently asked our social media followers to share photos of their Drafts, and let us know what makes them so special. Below, you can see some of their photos and stories.  Check out Part 1 here or Part 2 here for more Dressage Drafts!  

Do you want to share a photo of your Draft or Draft Cross? E-mail us at yourdressage@gmail.com for your chance to be featured! Stay tuned to YourDressage all month long as we celebrate #DraftPower, with photo galleries and exclusive stories from Draft enthusiasts across the country!

Submitted by Jesica A.


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