5 Things to Know About the Upcoming Horse Week


Horse Week is right around the corner!  To celebrate the animal we all love so much, the Equine Network LLC is launching the inaugural Horse Week on October 3-9, 2021.  USDF is proud to be a partner of this equine-centric digital festival unlike any other.  Brought to you by Boehringer Ingelheim, the week will include amazing equine video coverage featuring many different disciplines and breeds. Here are 5 things you should know about this exciting week celebrating our 4-legged partners! 

What Is Horse Week?

Horse Week offers over 25 hours of fresh high-quality educational and inspiring video content that riders and horse lovers of every level and discipline will enjoy.

How/Where Do I Watch Horse Week?

Viewers can stream Horse Week video content from any smart device by tuning into www.horseweek.tv.  Make sure you check out the Prime Time Schedule here.

How Much Does It Cost to Watch?

Horse Week is 100% FREE!  Viewers will have complete access to all Horse Week content for no charge.

What Type of Content Can I Expect?

Incredible and compelling stories of the impact horses have on the lives of others from all walks of life, clinics with industry leading professionals, and profiles on both equine athletes and equestrians from across the different disciplines. 

How Can I Get Horse Week Updates?

Subscribe to the Horse Week newsletter at www.horseweek.tv or follow along on the Equine Network LLC Facebook and Instagram

Watch.  Learn.  Be inspired!  Learn more about Horse Week here and enjoy all the coverage on October 3-9!  Stay tuned to YouDressage for our Horse Week contest!

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