Wonderful Westfalens – Part 2

Submitted by Lauren S. - Here’s Ellington, Everdale-Jazzmine/Jazz Rubin, who’s been a wonderful horse to develop and who we now hope to find a home with a para rider. His temperament, his walk and his forelock can’t be beat!

The wonderful Westfalen! We are celebrating them as our 2023 August Breed of the Month on YourDressage!  We recently asked our social media followers to share a photo of their favorite Westfalen or cross to be featured on YourDressage, and we are excited to share our second gallery of their pictures here! Stay tuned all month long as we feature photo galleries and exclusive stories from folks across the country who love this breed.

Did you know dressage riders who choose Westfalens as their mounts are eligible for special awards through the Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards program, as Westfalen Verband NA is a participating organization?

Submitted by Kristy E. – Rhythm O Rouge…this heart horse is a 10yo mare that I call ‘My Little Red Dragon’ aka the ‘oneeyedwonderpony’. Our journey began the day she was born & we have experienced a lifetime of adventure together! Love this ball of fire!
Submitted by Carly W. – My 6 yo Westfalen, Atlas!
Submitted by Heather B. – Westfalen, Timmy
Submitted by Anne Z. – My Westfalen / Arab cross.
Submitted by Carla B. – The great Cadall! Cadall is out of Catoo bred by Susan Martin. He is a registered Westphalen
Submitted by Jen S. – Gracie!
Submitted by Mandy E. – My future dressage mount with the sweetest personally, born June 16, 2023. Looking forward to producing my first homebred. Dam is RPSI and sire is Oldenburg, he will be registered Westfalen
Submitted by Suzanne G. – Thank you to Charles Schneider for raising this fantastic, handsome Westfalen, Victor. So lucky to call him mine


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