Horses Living Their Best Lives, Part 1

Christine D. - Synchronized rolls Don Falco and Don Giovanni

Our horses give us so much in training and in the competition ring, it’s always nice to give them time to relax and just enjoy life.  A few weeks ago, we asked our social media followers to share pictures of their horses “living their best lives.”  Here are photos the dressage community shared with us. 

Here is a link to Part 2.

Here is a link to Part 3.

Aimee G.
Alex B. – Coqui and Oreo meeting the new residents!
Alice M. – Fearless napping
Alice P.
Alyssa – Firehawk makes his own spa days 🤣
Amanda M. – Getting pampered on the Theraplate
Amanda M. – Grazing by the pond on a cool summer evening
Andrea M. – Dylan (current dressage horse) playing with his son Hanzo (future dressage horse) in the springtime mud.
Ann R. – Getting ready for a lesson but Rajah is more interested in breakfast 😉
Ashely H. – Ripken, helped me get all my bronze scores. Together for 25 years, since he was 5 months and I was 13. Retired for 4 years now, and loving it! I get to wake up every day to this goofy, gorgeous face out my window💜
Audrey Z.
Bailey M. – When the weekend is so close you can almost taste it. Valley Sun Frost SK, 15 yo qh mare.
Barbara B.
Becky B. – Is it time for dinner? – Foster age 18 AQHA USDF bronze medalist; Sage age 13 making her dressage debut soon!
Beth B.
Beth W. – Sharing a popsicle with a friend.❤️
Beth Y. – Evening good night snuggles between my Collie Grace and Jorgal ☺️☺️❤️❤️
Betsy K.
Brandy J
Carol A. – My heart horse Ayah showing off another one
Carol H. – Cooper loves the mud so much he does headstands
Carol R. Fuerst Olivia “Livvy”. Is it time for dinner?
Cassidy L. – Enjoyed a nice hike through the woods with my best friend and then stopped in the hay field for a snack ❤️
Cedar West Studio – He loves his Equine masseuse & monthly sessions!!!!
Chantel M. – Nachito enjoying some hydrotherapy this spring
Christine M. – Morning nap, the teeth say it all!
Christy T. – Milo living his best life
Cindy H. – Turnout for Daralinde!!
Cindy S. – Capri enjoying her fun time
Colleen D. – I put my boyfriend Matt to work to give my 24 year old Paint gelding, Lakota, a bath on a very hot day last week. He was a great help 😊
Corinna F. – “Sharing secrets”
Debi C. – 5 year old Oldenburg cross Donya pondering the possibilities!
Diane O – Pallas getting his massage!
Elise E. – The boys in their field.
Elizabeth L. – Duna, USA para-Equestrian Bea de Lavalette’s 12 yr old KWPN mare, enjoying her paddock grass!
Ellie R. – Emma and my assistant Mel
Emily C.
Emma K. – Tonka aka Mein Leibling enjoying the spring grass.
Emme J. – My (now) 24yo Irish TB gelding, Just Jake, who I trained and competed through PSG enjoying some autumnal evening grazing time (muzzle free)!
Erica C. – Bolero doesn’t like snow apparently 😅❄️
Erin B. – Ricky out enjoying the tall grass around the driveway
Gabriella C. – Oldenburg colt Finn living his best life with his human brothers.
Gale B. – She is having a supermodel moment
Gerardo A.
Hailey M. – Lolz
Haley B. – My horses living their best life!
Karen C. – Ileana, Oldenburg cross, at dusk in Winter.
Michele D. – Braid elimination time!
Shelby B. – Wiley doing his sitting like a dog routine


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