Horses Living Their Best Lives, Part 2

Kristen A.-Grandmaster Flashs 20th Unicorn Birthday party-Flash is a 17.1-hand SWB whom I've had since he was born.

Our horses give us so much in training and in the competition ring, it’s always nice to give them time to relax and just enjoy life. A few weeks ago, we asked our social media followers to share pictures of their horses “living their best lives.” Here are photos the dressage community shared with us.

Here is a link to Part 1.

Here is a link to Part 3.

Amanda M. – This is how he feels about being clean and dressed up for Christmas pictures!
Amanda M.
Beth W.
Carol A. – Our 4yr old OTTB Enzo is such a comedian
Cedar West Studio – This is Tank (Tanqueray). He is my sassy redhead senior _ we ride at Lloyd Harbor Equestrian Center, NY.
Christine V. – Donnie’s always game for a stroll in the woods
Colleen D. – Lakota enjoying some hand grazing last week at sunset. He turned 24 this year
Debi C. – 6 year old Irish sport horse SE’s Reign! Relaxing in the field!
Ellie R. – My foal M WF (Emma) and her dam Wei WF
Gale B. – She prefers this to July!
Happy Arrow
Heather B.
Holly Z.
Jamie F. – Best friends! 😁
Jamie S. – Max (200 OTTB, JC Connie_s Gold) hanging out looking majestic after a nice cool bath
Jennifer H.
Jennifer L. – Birthday prince celebration!
Joni P. – UFGray Smoke aka Pedro.
Joy O. – Dezi, my Fres-Arab cross, cooling off in the pond.
Julie C. – I have a gelding with a great sense of humor!
Karen C. – Getting a little spring sun.
Karen R. – Coming home after a long night of Halloween parties
Karen S. – Sky and his new friend Kaylee!
Katherine O.
Kate O. – Nothing better than a little girl to love you 😊
Katie W. – Lionel and Hadar…two “bros” living their best lives!💙 Lionel DVE is a Hanoverian owned by Monica Sattler and I own Hadar, who is KWPN.
Kelly S. – Pre and post ride PEMF blanket for my boy
Kendall B. – Rianna meeting her son Bon Jovi RS aka Jonny for the first time while the recipient mom C.C. watches on!
Kim D. – Nothing like a nice mud bath 🤦🏻‍♀️
Kristen C. – KWPN Jaehaerys SP enjoying a solid roll after his ride and post-ride bath! ❤ Photo by Sunsoar Photography
Kristen C part 2 – Followed by leaping schenaniganz! Photo by Sunsoar Photography
Kristina L. – Do not disturb. Nap in progress.
Kumi K.
Lacy J. – Gizmo ready battle the flies.
Lauren H. – My horse after being glittered by my friends 💜 getting ready to begin competing again at 19 years young
Leana T. – Sunniva loves the theraplate ❤️
Lee B. – Beowulf at his first rated show last year
Lesley M. – Siri living his best life In the pasture
Lisa G. – Whaiku checking out a scary turtle!
Lisa O. – Dreaming of the cross country course.
Loretta L. – Puff helping Bravo graze after a lesson.
Lynne S. – The end of a lovely day.
Mara A. – Tucker loves his grooming sessions! He_s very clear where he_s itchy…lol
Margaret R. – Morning nap time for Cory
Robin M. – This is Khali getting her electroacupuncture and loving it
Shelby B.
Taya B. – Sherman the Police Horse (aka FWF Undercover) getting royal treatment from the vaulting team at Dressage At Devon 2019.


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