Horses Living Their Best Lives, Part 3

Mindy W.

Our horses give us so much in training and in the competition ring, it’s always nice to give them time to relax and just enjoy life.  A few weeks ago, we asked our social media followers to share pictures of their horses “living their best lives.”  Here are photos the dressage community shared with us.  

Here is a link to Part 1.

Amanda M.
Cedar West Studios – Lazy summer nap before our lesson… ⬆️
Christine W. – Steve playing with his kitty
Ellie R. – My Oz aka Ozzle the Nozzle or Wizard
Hannah F. – My 19 year old AQHA gelding who won USDF all Breeds last year at PSG and I1 enjoying the good life at Morro Bay, CA
Joy O. – My Morgan mare, Sugarlane Diamond Lil, doubles as a sheriff mount and part of the Michigan Multi jurisdictional Police Drill Team when not showing in dressage. She is relaxing here at the Michigan Horse Expo. She was in the last Inauguration parade just a few weeks before this photo.
Karen C. – Oldenburg mare, Iliza, and her 16 yr old napping daughter, Rheanna.
Marcie D. – My beautiful senior. She went to 3rd level before retirement. She is perfect.
Marie B.
Melissa D. – Sun Bathing my 22.t.b year old dressage horse Wings
Jessica P. – Prince Charming, 25 year old 4H Dressage retiree supervising his Princess-in-Training as she completes his pasture maintenance. Greetings from Cape May County, NJ
Michaela H.
Michele D. – Freshly clipped for Fall shows…
Emily M. – 22 year old Commanding Beauty (aka Wonder Beauty!). Dressage horse, therapeutic riding horse, and parade horse extraordinaire preparing for her third nationally televised appearance in the 2019 Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade 
Nathalie B. -Smoothie for Arthur the Haflinger ! ❤️🐴
Melissa D. – Sun Bathing my 22.t.b year old. Dressage horse wings
Nicole H. – Sawmill, our 14 yo OTTB getting COVID safe kisses at Texas Rose Horse Park last weekend!
Jodie E. – Mijo (our 1 year old Lusitano rescue) looking for some lovin’
Nicole M. – Hanging out
Morgan H. – I’m a Huntseat rider, but put a Western saddle on my drama queen (Mighty Mouse) for another rider…apparently he is Huntseat only. #MischievousMustang #WhenYoureJustDone
Kim D. – Nothing like a nice mud bath
Paige C. – Miss Molly is a 17 year old AQHA mare showing training level and hoping to make the jump to first level in the next year. Will be showing under the name Little Gray Dragon.
Janelle D. – Birthday celebration!
Patti W. – Frieden all tacked up!!!
Raelene P. – Pirata getting the royal treatment in her Bemer PEMF blanket!
Richelle B. – Post bath!
Riley S. – Took a mini photoshoot in the snow ❄️ and all he wanted to do was eat it 🤩💕
Robin M. – Khali getting her bodywork
Sara H. – Nikki at dawn
Sherry N.
Sara W. – Homer, 18, hand grazing like a boss.
Sarah M. – Deja Vu aka Turk
Savannah R. – Trakehner gelding Zeitzusingen giving hugs after hand walking- his favorite thing. 💙
Serena H. – Rhaigan licking her lips for her birthday cup cake.
Shelby B. – Mason Sleeping
Shelby B.
Stefanie B. – Living her best life in Crystal River, FL 🥰
Stefanie L.
Stephanie C. – Four TWH at morning nap time.
Stephanie O. – Jackson enjoys his alfalfa!
Stephanie O. Part 2 – And his hay 😊
Sue D. – Decker _ Babe living a good life 😊
Susan R. – Massage day for Levi
Suzanne L. – Tropi getting his pedicure
Suzanne R. – My Louie enjoying a Florida winter day in the warm sand💜
Taya B. – Sabre the Dressaging Police Horse aka Boo is so happy when tante Erin Clark comes to visit!
Taylor R. – My trainer’s first two homebred Trakehners. Ojos de Fuego aka Charley is in the back. Naaji aka Scarlett is in the front.
Taylor R. Part 2 – After all of their play time!
Tessa – Dezi enjoying drinking out of the house on a hot day
Thallia B. – Finest Five (Paint) having a good time with her daughter, Oracle.
Tiffany H.
Trisha F. – Pia caught taking a break
Tyra W.
Valerie G. – Bryan the Welsh Cob down for a bite of grass and a nice roll after a ride. So spoiled! #GrassStains
Vanessa K. – Delia! Being her sassy self while being groomed 😍🦄
Whitney M.


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