Pony Power – Part 2

Submitted by Claudia A. - 13.2 welsh stallion winterlake Tristan schooling Grand Prix

Pony power!!  This month on YourDressage, we have been celebrating ponies of all breeds.  Dressage riders who choose ponies as their mounts are eligible for many Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards as there are several pony organizations on our Participating Organization list.

We recently asked our social media followers to share photos of their ponies, and let us know what makes them so special. Below, you can see some of their photos and stories.  If you missed Part 1 of this gallery, you can check it out here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our #PonyPower coverage all month long, as we’ve celebrated them with photo galleries and exclusive stories from pony enthusiasts across the country!

Join us next month, for our June Breed of the Month: The Mustang!

Submitted by Abbi T. – This is Astro, owned by Janine Fierberg. He is a nine year old Welsh/Quarter Horse pony that I have had the pleasure of working with the past couple of years. I am hoping to compete him at pony FEI this year!
Submitted by Aislin F. – This is my Dutch Riding Pony, Unscripted “Artie”
Submitted by Angela R. – Pixar, ISR registered breeding stallion, owned by Kristin DeLuca. Pixar is an incredible all round athletic pony who competes in the jumper ring, dressage ring and loves rides on the beach!
Submitted by Anna M. – Fox Creeks Censational, 8 yo German Riding Pony stallion (Caramel x FS Don’t Worry) competing PSG, making his I1 debut at the end of this month with Anna Merritt.
Submitted by Ariel
Submitted by Benck – Nori with Maximus. A kill pen rescue Welsh cross now showing second level.
Submitted by Caitlin A. – This is Silver Lining (Chase), a Welsh/TB owned by Nearfield Farm and used to be Jenn Chin! He’s an incredibly special boy who helped teach me A LOT about riding classically, and now he’s teaching a few Rutgers Dressage students! I got to do some of my first recognized showing on him and his pasture-mate, Roy. Without him, I would not be the rider I am today. Him and I also were both born June 1st, 1999, so we‘re birthday twins!!! Read Caitlin and Chase’s story Shared Birthday – Shared Experiences!
Submitted by Christine E. – Allegria Welsh/Dutch cross. She is my miracle pony!
Submitted by Clare A. – This is Ruari. He is 14-1 hands of Irish Cob. At 5 years old he is beginning his dressage training.
Submitted by Elizabeth V. – What makes this pony so special…. many things, most especially his adaptability! This is Kabam, an 18 year old German Riding Pony. His accolades within the USEF are a mile long from his Combined Driving career to his FEI Dressage pony career. Now he is a seasoned schoolmaster for me, an adult amateur. He is the perfect teacher and I’m having so much fun learning at home and pursuing this sport. He is the epitome of what his breeders, owners and trainers intended I think… an all around beautiful athlete with a level mind for handling whatever is presented to him from carriages to children to beginner amateurs.
Submitted by Emily B. – Wishbone, a New Forest Pony that I trained through Second Level and then he went on to make a fantastic children’s pony. So sweet and talented.
Submitted by Emily B. – Vegas, my welsh x, is about to make his PSG debut! What he lacks in height he makes up for in personality
Submitted by Emily M. – This is Muffin! USDF registered name “The Muffin Man” He’s a 14.1hh 2016 BLM Mustang gelding from South Steens HMA. He’s gone from a horse so feral that he had to be anesthetized to do his first few hoof trims, to a cuddle bug of a pony that was a perfect gentleman at our first show, which was yesterday!
Submitted by Erika – Castleberrys Gavin, a 14 y/o Welsh Cob gelding. He’s killing it at 2-1 in this photo – taken last year at the Estes Park USEF show in Colorado. What makes him special is his kind heart and intelligence (which he typically uses for good, not evil).
Submitted by Erin C. – Bella Vina. 4yr old German Riding Pony Quarter Horse cross. 14.1 hands. In dressage training and 4H with my 11 year old niece.
Submitted by Gabriella – This is my dressage Quarter Pony, Melody. She is so special to me as we have been a team for 5 years both learning together. Riding and training a non-purpose bred horse in a discipline that isn’t very popular with kids my age has many challenges but Melody gives me her all, continues to teach me so much, and I couldn’t imagine a more amazing pony partner.
Submitted by Jessica M. – Adelynn (12) and 14.1hh Livin Large FLF (5) (Le Andros out of the Incredible North American Sport Pony mare, Fox Trot). Livin Large FLF is special because he is kind, intelligent, and brave. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body (and he has the cutest ears)! He tries so hard even when he is scared. On Saturday, they debuted their very first show together and took home a blue ribbon. Adelynn is new to the equestrian world (just about 1.5 yrs). She donates her Christmas so friends and family provide donations toward the Snowflake Station at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Adelynn has always wanted to try riding lessons so mom guilt took over and I gifted her one riding lesson. Well, little did I know, she was meant to do this. She says Livin Large is her perfect match because he has so much spunk. She also says he will one day be her prom date. I think he would look super handsome with a bowtie.
Submitted by Julie M. – Pictured is Madoc All Dun, 13.2 hand Welsh Cob mare by the famous Kentchurch Chime. She is currently showing FEI Prix St George with her owner/rider Julie Madriguera. Julie earned the ride on her when she was the smallest trainer left in the stable and was later purchased for her, by her husband and dressage trainer Lyndon Rife, when her junior rider/owner hit a teenage growth spurt. They have earned many wins over all types of horses in open dressage competition and earned the Southwest Dressage Fourth Level Open Champion title at the Region 9 Great American/USDF Regional Dressage Championship in 2020. Photo by Susan Stickle
Submitted by Kaitlin S. – My recent sale pony, Hamilton! What makes him special is that I found him sitting in a field never having been ridden (he is 9). I bought him, broke him, and here he is 2 months under saddle at his first show doing intro test 3. he’s just been the easiest thing to bring along.
Submitted by Kathy – Castleberry’s Chianti. 2008 Welsh Cob. Who would have thought that I would discover the wonder of ponies in mid age. With the temperament of a Golden Retriever, the athleticism of a warmblood, and the proportions for a small adult, this amazing pony will always remain in my heart. I am forever a convert!
Submitted by Kelsey W. – Welsh cross pony 4 year old starting her show career
Submitted by Kirsten W. – Pepperponi aka Roanie eating up the Training Level! She is only 14 hands, but makes everything seem small!
Submitted by Krista Z. – Of course my “kid’s pony” Lily had to be in our maternity shoot as well! Photo by Kim Ayars Photography
Submitted by Kristen Y. – Bred from my OTTB mare that I evented. By Alladin’s Denver. Elsbeth’s Shiloh is literally my child. He’s a registered half bred Connemara. He is the first one I’ve trained from the ground up. We started as eventers, but I quickly realized I had a talented dressage pony! So, we embarked into the dressage world. He’s now 14 yo competing PSG! We rode in the last Land Rover Kentucky 3 Day Event Connemara Demo. Photo by Lisa Michelle
Submitted by Leslie M. – Here is a picture of my pony Woody. He is ~18, I’m not sure what he is as we literally found him in the woods. We eventually found his owner who didn’t want him. He has been abused badly and was very afraid of people, and still is quite afraid. I have competed him through 4th level and am getting ready for Prix St George’s.
Submitted by Lisa H. – This is Zara Humayun (12) riding Seafield Ruby (6). This pony is our little unicorn.
Submitted by Madeline T. – Mr. Cinder is a 9yr old, 14.1 hand, Newfoundland Pony x Canadian horse cross. Cinder is my best friend and we especially love doing musical freestyles together! We placed 1st in Introductory Level and 6th in Training Level in the 2020 National Dressage Pony Cup rankings. Cinder is truly a super pony and I’m so grateful for the relationship we have built together.  Bred by Kimberly Stoppa. Read Madeline and Mr Cinder’s story Mr Cinder: Showcasing Critically Endangered Breeds!
Submitted by Madison R. – Meet superponies Rohanna (13.3hh, 19yo, PSG) and Tropenforscher (oversized at 15.1hh, 5yo, 1st level)
Submitted by Maria J. – Balmullo’s Catfish knows his worth. From eventing to dressage, he is a champion, in and out the ring. He rules the big boys in the pasture and sweet talks his adoring fans to bring him treats.
Submitted by Markley M. – This my Haflinger Amos CVS, better known as Charlie. This is our seventh year together and I couldn’t ask for a better pony! He will go along with just about anything you ask him. Dressage, hacking, jumping, fox hunting, posing for cameras, he’ll do it all.
Submitted by Marta P.
Submitted my Maud E. – Silky QH polo pony who actually is a pony. She can end a fast hard chukker of polo and I can throw my 9 year old niece up immediately afterwards and she can slowly trot on her for the first time off lead.
Submitted by Megan C.- My future dressage pony star, CGF R-owyn, registered German Riding Pony by FEI pony superstar Rembrandt DDH! She’s a yearling this year, so we have some time before she follows her papa down centerline.
Submitted by Megan R. – Lady Elisa DMF is a 22 yr old Haflinger. We have owned her since she was 3. She has traveled all over the US and Canada, where she excelled at driving. My mom sent her down to me almost 2 years ago. Lady “Bug” is an amazing pony that is just a blast to ride! I’m very proud of all of our hard work!
Submitted by Michele D. –  My pony (Amador) and I, riding in a field of flowers. (Michele is a USDF L Graduate – you can read more about her in her Meet the L Graduate profile.)
Submitted by Patti K. – Mystic Max is a 15 year old GRP owned and ridden by Finley Peterson. He is special because he is unflappable, always gives 100%, forgives any of her mistakes, has the kindest soul, loves bananas, and looks great in purple. Photo credit Abby Rowlee
Submitted by Phyllis S. – 12.1 gelding and I am 5 ft! Love my ponies!
Submitted by Sarah B. –  This is my Welsh/TB mare, Cordelia’s Dreamgirl AKA Haley. She is 14.1, full of opinions and talent. She most recently won high point champion for Third Level at First Chance Dressage, By Chance and is doing fabulously at schooling shows at PSG.
Submitted by Sarah L. – 13 year old Horton Hears A Who. Suspect Welsh Cob but listed as grade. Made me a first time horse mom (at age 42) during quarantine. We are learning how to be eventers together. Already scored 60s in our intro dressage B and C tests after two shows and jumping 2-2’3 courses. My heart horse. Celebrated our Gotcha Day 1st anniversary yesterday
Submitted by Sarah W. – My 11 year old daughter and her New Forest pony Just on Sunday
Submitted by Shar-Lee W. – 14.2 German Riding Pony, Stylin’. Because he won’t give anything for free…either ride or go for a ride. We love our pony.
Submitted by Sidney D. – It’s so cool you guys are celebrating ponies this month! This is Whoie and he is special because he has the potential to go to a higher level and he is helping me earn my bronze medal! We have schooled tempi changes together and are learning our half passes.
Submitted by Stephanie B. – Calabash. Purebred Arabian gelding rescue. Malnourished unregistered owner surrender as a youngster. I had him DNA tested and he is a purebred Arab. He stands around 14hh. I bought him two years ago and we started learning dressage together. He is my joy!
Submitted by Suzannah R. – 14.2 year old Haflinger pony, we won the 2017 USEF FEI Pony division at the Festival of Champions! we then went on to move through the levels up to Fourth Level!
Submitted by Valerie G. – So excited to add another Welsh Cob to the family! This is young Quillane Ascher, future dressage mount and stallion prospect! So far he’s growing up curious, trusting, and so darn cute! Special thanks to Quillane Welsh Cobs for breeding and raising him right!
Submitted by Vicky W. – Flash (aka Pants or flashy pants)is my 15 yr old NASPR… I’ve had him for 4 years and have gone from Training Level to PSG, earning my bronze and silver medals. We have qualified for US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan® every year together and have earned numerous awards. Before me he did some eventing/pony club and mounted archery (so he’s very well rounded and much braver than me!). Photo by Susan J Stickle
Submitted by winn_mad – This is pippin! He’s a 5 y/o POA/Appaloosa cross and he’s my first horse. I got him during a very rough time in my life and we have been through thick and thin together. After a lengthy battle with EPM over this past summer, we are finally up and riding again, and are going to start showing First Level later in the season! He’s my best friend and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

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