Breed of the Month – Quarter Horses! Part 1

Submitted by Kayley K. - Here is a pic of my Appendix Quarter Horse after placing Reserve Champion and Third Place at Region 2 Championships last year at Training and First!

Quarter Horses are our YourDressage Breed of the Month for April!  This breed originated in America, and is known for its athleticism and its ability to excel in everything from horseracing, to western sports, to ranch work, and even in the dressage arena. 

Dressage enthusiasts who ride Quarter Horses have the opportunity to earn special awards through the Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards as The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) is a Participating Organization.

We recently asked our social media followers to share photos of their Quarter Horses, and let us know what makes this breed so special. Below, you can see their photos and stories.  Keep an eye out for the second part of this gallery at the end of April 2021!

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Stay tuned to YourDressage all month long as we celebrate this breed, with photo galleries and exclusive stories from Quarter Horse enthusiasts across the country!

Submitted by Abigail S. – My AQH gelding, Artful Moves! We show in training level test 3 and I ride for the University of Florida Dressage Team!
Submitted by Amber F. – This is Details Chantilly Lace, she’s an 8yr old QH mare. She’s special to me because we have grown so much together. She enjoys trail riding also. We are schooling training level and look forward to the show season ahead.
Submitted by Andrea C. – Haidaseeker Playboy, amateur owned and trained, competed through Grand Prix. Many year-end awards for Training through Intermediate I. He’s a grandson of Freckles Playboy and Haidas Little Pep, with more than $6,000 earned in National Reining Horse and National Reined Cow Horse Association competition and a seven-time world champion in Western Dressage Association of America. He is all heart and try. Read more about this horse & rider duo in the YourDressage exclusive Dancing with my Cowpony.
Submitted by Andrea L. – All N Time. 5 year old AQHA mare schooling 1st level. A complete unicorn that will chase cows one day, go on a trail ride the next and compete in the dressage or hunter/jumper ring the following day. Best brain ever!
Submitted by Ashley M. – This is my horse Tinkerbell! She’s a 19 year old AQHA mare. She was a hunter/jumper and barrel racer in her younger days. Now she practices dressage with me! I love Quarter Horses for their brain and hard work ethic. Tinkerbell gives me her all and is so willing!
Submitted by Ashley N. – Gimmie Samoa Cookies. Earned bronze scores and the 4th level silver scores and working towards PSG. Dressage superior and multiple year end high points. This mare’s heart and mind is unbelievable. She’s a true all around horse and is such a joy to own from the Dressage arena to the trails to the Western AQHA classes. Completely amateur owned and trained.
Submitted by Caitlin D. – THEPRIZEOFCASHMIRE is a 2014 halter bred AQHA that now competes primarily western dressage with me and dressage with my trainer. He is my heart horse and I can’t imagine another horse like him. He gives lessons to little kids when not in work. I love doing dressage with him for being my first time showing and riding horses. I have lots of goals for us and proving halter horses can ride.
Submitted by Cameron M. – Dakota. He’s registered appendix. He will be 21 next month and I’ve had him for 17 years. We’ve shown up to 2nd level but most importantly he’s a sweetheart, goofy, bombproof, saint.
Submitted by Charlie S. – This is my 21 year old AQHA mare Clever Move “Rosie.” This photo was taken at the Jeremy Steinberg Clinic in November of 2020.
Submitted by Cindy Y.
Submitted by Cricket G. 1. – Never Better Magic is my 19 year old QH who I purchased sight unseen from his breeder, Denise Everett, in Sunray (near Amarillo) Tx as a 2 yr old. I purchased him because I was very interested in supporting Lynn Palm’s dream of recognizing QHs in dressage. Lynn had been very instrumental in getting the AQHA dressage program off the ground. This program was originated to award AQHA points to registered American Quarter Horses who competed in recognized USDF shows and attained a minimum score of 60 points. The plan came together beautifully and over the years Magic earned me a Bronze Medal, a Silver Medal and an Masters Challenge award at the FEI level. He was also a national AQHA High Point at Second level, Third level, Fourth level, Prix St. George and he was leading in Intermediare 1 points for 2020. He also won numerous state awards for our USDF GMO, North Carolina Dressage and Combined Training Association. To say I have been blessed to own and ride this horse would be an understatement. Along the way we also dabbled in the hunters and a little eventing, now we are enjoying following Lynn’s lead again and we are competing successfully in Western Dressage, and some Ranch Riding. He is a wonderful example of the versatility and rideability of this awesome breed. As much fun as it has been to train and compete this horse two of our favorite things are trail rides and doing tricks. I am an amateur and he is truly my heart horse and spoiled rotten…sorry-not sorry! You can their full story in the YourDressage exclusive “A Magical Horse Experience.”
Submitted by Cricket G. 2 – One more picture of Magic–doing a trick! (as a young horse obviously).
Submitted by Emma M. – My 9yr old AQHA mare Lucy! She is WP bred but learning the dressage ropes. She is super smart and so sweet
Submitted by Eric S. – This is Winchexter. 24 this year. He still three day events and dabbles in dressage.
Submitted by Genevieve M. – My AQHA lease mare Smokes Southern Star, an ex-cutting horse. I’m completely hooked on AQHA and APHA horses. Amazing brains, stamina and athleticism. Not to mention puppy-dog personalities.
Submitted by Hannah F. – 18 year old Rope of Honor – competed successfully through Intermediate 1 and was schooling the pieces of Grand Prix when he sadly had to be euthanized. He was an amazing partner with the biggest work ethic and heart. He climbed the levels quickly from 1st level in 2015 to Intermediate 1 in 2019, collecting many year end titles along the way.
Submitted by Heather G. – Darlins Money Dunit. 4th Level QH of the Year 2018. World champion L2 team penning & sorting. World show qualifier in WCH. Scored a 219 in Ranch riding QH worlds. Best kids horse on the planet.
Submitted by Jennifer C. – Cant Dance Da Blues aka Blue. My beautiful mare that did not make it on the Quarter Horse Circuit but shined in Dressage. From a champion halter horse to a champion in Dressage. She produced a beautiful QH filly by the name of Two Up For The Blues aka Tiffany. She too was a champion in dressage as was her dam. What a great journey we all had together.
Submitted by Jennifer P. – Mackenzie Poelking & Blissful Promise.
Submitted by Joni P. – My dressage QH UF Gray Smoke at training level.
Submitted by Keely – This is my QH, Happy Hour barn name Bodie. He tries so hard for me and is worth his weight in gold. He’s the smartest horse I have ever met and has the brains.
Submitted by Kimmie P. – Miss Gold N Trigger. Amateur owned and trained doing all around events at aqha shows and classical dressage and western dressage. Been on year end honor roll aqha in classical dressage. Top ten level three wdaa world show online 2020. She is a keeper!!
Submitted by Kristin P. – Smokin Custom Crome is a 2008 AQHA stallion who has been very successful in Working Cow Horse, Reining, and Ranch Riding. He is currently also showing in western dressage and classical dressage at 2nd level. He is always a gentleman. He is kind, consistent, and a true example of how the versatility of at quarter horse. *Note: USDF strongly recommends all riders wear protective headgear when mounted.
Submitted by Kristine B. – This is Luckily A Dimension. He belongs to a client and shows first level, MF first level, western dressage and is a unicorn for his 73 year old owner. I grew up on stock horses and really enjoy this guy, he is everything a quarter horse should be and more. This picture is from the Region 7/CDS championship show
Submitted by Lehanne C. – Blue Flynn Frost- 19 year old Frosty Tops Roping horse turned dressage horse! My unicorn!!
Submitted by Libby Z. – Ive Got A Minute is a 2004 Appendix QH mare. She finished 2nd behind WTR Herestoyourhonor at the inaugural Dressage Stakes class at the 2020 AQHA World Show (she also finished 6th in the Western Dressage stakes class). In 2019, she qualified for GAIG Regional Championships in Open 1st Level and 1st level freestyle (withdrawn due to injury), and was 2nd place in the year end AQHA point standings for 1st level. We are looking to compete at 1st and 2nd level this year, hopefully at GAIG Regionals and at the Pony and Small Horse championships in July!
Submitted by Lynda A. – Peptos Plain Gininic 12 yr. old QH mare. We are both 2 months into learning the dressage ropes! It’s been a fun transitioning into a new sport. As a former barrel racer I find this exciting and have an appreciation for how detailed the sport is.
Submitted by Maiya W. – I love my dressage queen.
Submitted by Michelle C. – Rock Radical N Roll, 9 yr old AQHA/ABRA
Submitted by Nicole T. – Iron Cleat, His owner was told to put him down as a weanling, that he would never be sound due to his crooked feet. Dressage training made him carry himself in a balanced position and not let him be on his forehand. He went on to compete to 3rd level and probably could have done more! Cleat taught a lot of people to not give up hope. He was AQHA Horse of the year and Reserve Horse of the year several times. No one ever thought he was a QH when he competed.
Submitted by Paige C. – Gray Nowata at 18 years old this year. Showing training level dressage and intro level eventing. Nothing overly fancy for us between my being a full time graduate student and both is us having a few health and lameness problems on and off the last couple of years; but she’s still the best horse in the world and worth her weight in gold!
Submitted by Stacy C. – Half quarter horse half dutch warmblood… 6 year old Kashmir’s Kiss.. 15 year old working student at Donida Farm Equestrian center in Wa State.

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