5 Reasons to Participate in the Jr/YR Clinic Series

TAKE IT FROM THE TOP: Olympian and US Equestrian assistant youth coach Charlotte Bredahl-Baker visits with young dressage enthusiasts during a USDF Junior/Young Rider Clinic (Sara Carlisle photo)

The USDF Junior/Young Rider Clinic Series has been an education staple of USDF for many years. The goal of this series is to promote hardworking, talented youth riders who want to rise to the top of the discipline. The series is open to riders aged 14-21, and 12-14 year olds competing in FEI Pony or FEI Children’s classes (if space allows, U25 riders may be given consideration.)  Clinics are held in each region, to give youth riders from across the US the chance to be involved.  Here are five reasons to participate:

Learn from the Best

Throughout the years, USDF has had a number of top instructors and clinicians as a part of the series and the current series is certainly no different. The current series features top US riders such as George Williams and Anne Gribbons, making this an opportunity not to be missed!

Anne Gribbons is an FEI 5* judge , USEF “S” and “R” Sports Horse Breeding judge.

George Williams, named the US Dressage Youth Coach in 2014, is a prominent and successful figure in international dressage competition, is an advisor to the USEF Dressage Sport Committee, a member of the USEF Hearing Committee, a member of the USEF Awards Committee,  a former member of the USEF Board of Directors, and a former President of USDF.

Private Lessons

Each clinic in the series includes two days of private lessons. For many young riders, this is a once in a lifetime-type opportunity.  A private lesson from the top riders in our sport is invaluable to your training, and these clinics deliver in spades.

Networking Opportunities

Between the private lessons and theory sessions, these clinics are an immersive experience and provide unique access to professionals in the equine industry and our sport. In addition to networking with experts, these clinics also present an opportunity for participants to connect with other youth riders, further building and reinforcing the ties amongst the dressage community.

A Stepping Stone

Included in the USDF Junior/Young Rider Clinic Series is a talent search element. This provides participants the opportunity to further their competitive careers by serving as a stepping stone to the Discover Dressage USEF/USDF Emerging Athlete Program.


This clinic series is a prime example of “learning can be fun!” In addition to the networking, theory, and instruction described above, participants will also learn about other opportunities available to youth riders. So, participants can plan to participate in these other opportunities with their new friends from the weekend!

The USDF Junior/Young Rider Clinic Series is made possible with funding support provided by The Dressage Foundation and the United States Equestrian Federation. The Dressage Foundation offers grant opportunities for these clinics.  Interested in participating?  Check out the latest clinic dates, deadlines, and additional information here.

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